5-Day Ski & Sail, Lofoten,

fr 15,500 NOK / £1,450 per person*

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4 nights

If these dates don’t work, why not book the whole boat for dates that do. Minimum 5 participants.

This long weekend is a trip those who like the idea of alpine skiing and randonné in the untouched Lofoten-mountains of northern Norway. It’s a trip for travellers wanting a more challenging holiday – for those who would like to experience something unique, wild, breathtaking and beautiful – no matter if you’re experienced or a beginner we welcome you to our Ski & Sail adventure.

The Lofoten isles make out some of the rawest nature Norway has to offer. The area is famous for its alpine mountains and peaks, and there are great numbers of natural pistes, offering possibilities and options for a wide range of skiers. Most of the trips offer 700 – 1000 meters of altitude and descents, and the skiing most often ends down on the beach. Many of the most spectacular places are available only by boat. That, our friends, is why we sail.

During these 5 days we’ll explore and reach many of the most beautiful mountains in Lofoten, and in between, we’ll get much sailing done between one place on our way to the other. The trip starts and ends in Svolvær. The skiing we’ll plan together with the ski guide is adjusted towards the level of the group as well as weather and conditions. After skiing in the morning we’ll sail in the afternoon towards the next mountain for the next day. This is an active trip where the outdoor experiences are in focus; either behind the wheel of the boat or with skis on our legs.

On this trip, we have with us a ski guide onboard for the whole trip. The guide is with us also as a teacher and coach and makes it possible for us to also do more challenging skiing and summits. Of the different places, we will pass or visit along the way we can mention Svolvær, Austnesfjorden, Geitgaljertind, Trollfjord and Raftsundet.

Trip Start: Various dates March, April 2019 and 2020

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Vessel Type

Bavaria 44 “Nirvana” or Bavaria 50 “Humla”

Vessel Length

44 or 50 foot




Single + double cabins, max 10


Deposit and cancellation:

50% and strict

See deposit and cancellations policy


  • Experienced ski guide
  • Chef on board
  • Experienced skipper/instructor on board
  • All food eaten on board
  • 4 nights’ accommodation onboard the boat
  • Expenses for diesel, gas, harbour fees etc
  • Free use of SailNorway equipment like ribs, kayaks etc.


  • Visits to restaurants, museums, galleries etc during the trip
  • Alcohol is not provided but you can bring your own. Consumption is always at the discretion of the skipper
  • Travel to and from boats not included
  • Ski equipment. Enquire about hire at time of booking.

Practical Info

Open to beginner sailors.

Intermediate skiing is recommended.

A good level of fitness recommended.


What is really Ski & Sail?

It’s a concept where we use our sailboats as a floating chalet; we sail to the foot of the mountains and start our skiing right on the beach. By boat we are flexible, mobile and can move from place to place, and choose hillsides, faces and our areas according to the present conditions we have. Ski & Sail is a concept done by Italian and French alpinists since early 1990’s, and a concept that Norwegians recently have started to appreciate.

Experience level on this trip – medium

This trip takes some experience from randonee / skiing but you do not need to be advanced. If you do have a lot of experience it is only positive, and you will be able to challenge yourself. Those with more experience often want to run steeper, and may even do multiple runs in one day. As organisers, we try to keep the level as equal as we can, so that we can choose mountains according to the level of the group. If you are in doubt this is the right trip for you, you are welcome to contact us at any time – even you are beginner or experienced.
This is a sailing trip possible to do for most travellers! Sailing-wise the trip is not particularly difficult, but you must be prepared for sailing in rough weather. If you are a beginner, we want to turn you into a sailor as quickly as possible, and if you’re experienced you’ll get challenges and responsibility accordingly.


Check sas.no or wideoe.no for flights to Svolvær. If you get to Bodø you may take the ferry or fast ferry over to Lofoten. See the public itinerary here: www.177nordland.no. You may also perfectly well take the train to Bodø. Travelling slowly gives another dimension to a journey than flying. If you’re travelling from a city in the north or wish to extend your journey with a day or two, you can consider doing so on Hurtigruten.

Changes in the program

You may see the program as a plan that we adjust according to weather and conditions. If we’re in a place without snow, we set sail to where there is more snow! With the sailboat we are flexible so we can find the best snow. Onboard we have with us a dinghy for trips ashore, we have fishing gear for the cod, and we have what we need to make a bonfire and have fun ashore. We are ready for an adventure. Are you?


Getting there

Take an internal flight to Svolvær.

Getting back

Take an internal flight from Svolvær.

Travel assistance

Need help booking travel and accommodation for your trip? We have teamed up with STA Travel. Their experts will assist you with all your travel requirements. Please enquire when booking.


Day 1 – Meeting on the dock in Svolvær

We gather in the harbour at 1800 o’clock and start loading our gear. We’ll get to know the other participants, and go through the plan for the week and see it in relations to conditions and weather forecast. Before it get’s too late in the evening we cast off towards a natural harbour for the night.

Day 2 – Sailing and skiing

We’ll get an early start this morning and sail into the fjords north of Svolvær. Here we go ashore with the dinghy and skin up the mountain of our choice! In the afternoon we’ll have no need to sail far, as this fjord has ample possibilities and many nice phases and peaks.

Day 3 – Skiing

We’ll stay in the Austnesfjord with its varied terrain and possibilities for fun under different conditions. Here we find both easy and more challenging routes, the most difficult and well known being Geitgaljen and Higravtindene. In the evening we sail out the fjord towards Trollfjorden where we’ll spend the evening.

Day 4 – Skiing

This morning we wake up in the magnificent Trollfjorden, a bay available to sailors and boaters only. (We promise you’ll get in Easter-mode). If the conditions allow we head upwards early before the sun starts warming up the hills, reaching for peaks of 1000 meters. Dinner this Long Friday will be gourmet class, and while it is cooking we look for the northern lights.

Day 5 – Early morning skiing and sailing back

Early skiing this last day in Raftsundet, then we’ll sail back to the dock and call it a wrap! Thank you for a great Easter together!:) Book flights leaving Svolvær no earlier than 18.00 in the evening. You may also take the speed ferry over to Bodø departing at 1600 from Svolvær this afternoon.

This programme should be viewed as a starting point, which will be adapted for weather and snow conditions as well as guests’ wishes. If we end up somewhere without snow we simply sail to a place where there is. Aboard the yachts we have dinghies and kayaks to go ashore and for small expeditions. There is fishing gear to catch supper and camping and hiking equipment for campfires on the summits. Everything is set for an unforgettable ski & sail expedition!


Ski kit

Skis and boots

Sailing boots

Trainers/ deck shoes (no black soled shoes please – they mark the deck)

Waterproof sailing kit (two sets are recommended. Heavy gear for on-board and lighter kit for trips ashore)



Sailing gloves – 2 sets

Glove liners

Hand warmers

Hot water bottle

Clothes for on-board and on shore

A small backpack for trips on-shore (30-40 litres)

A water bottle

Thermals, two sets

Thick socks, two sets

Sun glasses (polarized)

Sun cream – SPF50+

Small quick dry towel

Swimming kit

USB cord to charge your phone


Warm sleeping bag

Head torch

Sailing knife


Printed out Insurance details

Any medication you require


Specialist off-shore sailing insurance is required. We can direct you to the insurer we use. Ask for information when you enquire.

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