What to buy an adventure sailor for Christmas this year

What to buy an adventure sailor for Christmas this year

Now we’ve deleted all the “Black Friday” deals out of our inboxes and cleared all the annoying “Cyber Monday” screen pop-ups, it’s time to address what adventure sailors really want for Christmas this year!

So here we have it, Kraken Travel’s ultimate guide to buying a Christmas present for your adventure sailing loved one…

Musto 40ltr Dry Bag – perfect for our Arctic Adventure trips

No self-respecting sailor should be without a good dry bag, and this one by Musto is one of the best – so good, Mike has 3! Our Arctic Adventure trips include a lot of time at anchor, therefore lots of trips ashore in the dinghy. This perfectly sized dry bag will keep all the belongings you need to take ashore in a perfect, dry, condition.

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DX0001 Power Bank – take this on your next Ski & Sail adventure

Yes, the mountains may lack phone signal, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to take a thousand and one pictures on one of our awe-inspiring Ski & Sail trips. This little mighty mouse of a power bank, will keep you going and its rugged shock and waterproof casing will make sure your battery won’t die – and to top it off, it has a handy in-built LED torch. Genius!

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Ultrasun sports spray 50SPF – an essential for any Adventure Cruise

When out on the water, the effects of the sun’s rays increase by over 25%, so sun protection is vital. On top of that, windburn can be a real issue. With it’s cooling effect, the perception of heat and burning means that we’re more likely to say out in the sun, unprotected, for much longer. Ultrasun’s answer, this sweat resistant, non-greasy sun lotion. It works a treat.

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Helly Hansen HP QD Shorts – keep you dry on our Ocean Crossings

A lot of ocean crossings are beautiful, racing downwind in tropical trade winds with the sun and dolphins to keep you company. However, you still get wet. VERY wet! When you’re at sea for an extended period of time, keeping clothes dry is problematic. Helly Hansen’s HP QD shorts are a quick dry alternative to standard deck shorts. Although a bit pricier, trust us, they’re well worth the investment.

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Funky Starfish Kevlar Wallet – Yacht Racing

Yes, yacht racing can be expensive, but this isn’t why we recommend this awesome wallet from this North Welsh company, Funky Starfish. Picture it now, you’ve had a rubbish day out on the water and you blew-up the code-zero beyond repair. Gather up the remaining pieces of sail and send them to Funky Starfish and they’ll turn it into a multitude of accessories. If you’re lucky enough not to have a knackered sail to send to them, they stock a wide range of wallets, beanbags and other accessories made from fresh sail materials.

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GoPro Hero6 Black – Save the memories from Discovering Indonesia

The remote islands of Indonesia constantly provide amazing, Instagram-worthy, sights both on-top and beneath the water. It’d be a shame not to be able to share your adventure with friends and family back home. Enter long time sports camera market leader GoPro and their beautiful Hero6. This camera really packs a punch with mobile streaming capabilities and underwater performance. A must have.

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LG 360 Cam – take in those amazing views on a Tallship

Picture yourself climbing up the rigging of one of our majestic tallships. Perched 60mtrs above the sea, the view is truly breath-taking. Recent advances in camera technology have meant that sharing this amazing experience has become a lot easier. 360 cameras offer you the ability to photograph or film all that is around you. The LG 360 is great value and (unlike most of its competitors) has the ability to pair with both iPhones and all Android devices.

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Fugoo Style Bluetooth Speaker – Music Festivals

Rocking up on a remote island in Norway for one of the world’s most remote music festivals is cool enough, but when the acts have finished how are you going to continue the part? The Frugoo Style is a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker that boasts an impressive 40hr battery life, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your private beach party running on all night. The sound quality is awesome, and to put a cherry on top – the exterior is customisable. What else could you ask for?

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Talisker “Storm” Single Malt Whiskey – Arctic Wildlife

Arctic sailing can be cold and alcohol in Norway is always expensive, so why not gift your Arctic sailing loved one a bottle of some cockle-warming Talisker “Storm” single malt to take with them on their next Nordic wildlife adventure?

Drink responsibly with us on your next Arctic Wildlife exploration