Get back onboard – Sailing & achieving your goals

Get back onboard – Sailing & achieving your goals

What goals did you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Are you on track or have you let things slide a little? If you’ve got grand plans to get your act together this year, here are a few trips we’ve just added that may help you on your way.

Did you plan to dedicate more time to writing? Our travel writing workshop off the coast of Palma would be a great place to start, or maybe creative writing in Ibiza is more your style? If you’re looking for a yoga retreat this summer, a week spent cruising the Balearics is ideal.

If you’d promised yourself you’d learn to sail, we have the perfect trip to get started, crossing the channel from Portsmouth to France, from £315, it’s our most affordable trip and you may get to pick up some excellent local wine and cheese on your travels. For more experienced sailors, you may want to up the ante with one of our Racing packages.

We’ve just added some gorgeous adventure cruises in the Mediterranean, taking in the islands along the Croatian coastline, Montenegro, Venice and Sicily if you fancied exploring several locations in Europe this summer.

Whatever challenges you set yourself for this year, we’re confident we can add one more string to your bow. All our adventures are hand picked for the incredible experience and sense of accomplishment our customers achieve. We’re confident we’ve got something to suit you, click through our trips and we can help you put it together.

Kraken HQ x