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A Week Sailing in Sardinia

Who doesn’t love fresh pasta, chilled rosé and a spot of superyacht regatta spectating?!

By Laura

Sardinia has always been high up on my list of places to explore by sea. I was invited aboard S/Y Gabriella by skipper Davide – it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Day 1 – Marina di Portisco to La Maddalena Port (16nm)

We met our skipper Davide and went to the office for a morning briefing from Sergio, then provisioned the yacht and headed for La Maddalena National Park. Our park permit was bought at check-in so we didn’t have to pay for the mooring. As we sailed to Caprera and Cala Portese, via Porto Cervo, we were looking forward to the first of many swim stops. On our way to La Maddalena, we anchored for the night in the towns small port after enjoying a lovely lunch on anchor. You can choose from lots of restaurants and we got a reservation at one of the best!

Day 2 – La Maddalena to Budelli Island via Santa Maria (10nm)

A patch of pink
The wind was light today, so we swam in some beautiful anchorages including Cala Corsara and Cala Conneri on Spargi Island. Budelli Island is famous for its pink beaches (although not so pink from a distance), they’re so famous that you can’t walk anymore along them! As soon as we got to Budelli Island, we got a mooring buoy and stayed there for the night.

Day 3 – Budelli to Bonifacio (17nm)

My favourite part of the week! We sailed to Bonifacio via Cavallo, an island off the south coast of Corsica. It was a great 9nm sail north, close haul and we made it in just under an hour. With careful navigation, we made our way to the famous Bonifacio. As we hugged the stunning coastline, you could see the city perched on a clifftop. As we approached the port, we headed straight into the inlet. Finding a mooring was chaotic, but skipper Davide soon had us tethered to the quay and we were on our way to discover all the wonders of the city.

Day 4 – Bonifacio to Porto Pozzo (15nm)

The Lavezzi Islands
After a bit of shopping and breakfast in the citadel, we set sail from Bonifacio around 1 pm. As we sailed on a broad reach, we stopped off in Lavezzi to swim in the natural pools so common in Sardinia. Despite rocks and yachts, David got us as close to the beach as possible! Late afternoon, we hoisted the anchor and headed to Porto Pozzo, a well-protected bay nestled in the north of Sardinia. The end of the jetty had a restaurant called Sintonia, which served delicious food and had a great cocktail list. You can moor for free as long as you eat there.

Day 5 – Porto Pozzo to Cannigione (14nm)

We ate late breakfast at Porto Pozzo, then headed to Budelli Island and Cavaliere Beach for snorkelling, paddle boarding, and swimming. As we anchored in Cannigione Bay for our penultimate night on the S/Y Gabriella, we watched the storm brewing in the distance. That evening we sat back and enjoyed some pasta and Italian wine.

Day 6 – Cannigione to Portisco (19nm)

A close pass by Valsheda as they drop their kite
Getting up early, we went ashore to get fresh bread. After we got back, we refuelled at Cannigione and then went to Porto Cervo for breakfast and to watch the Rolex Regatta J-Class racing! We had a blast sailing from Porto Cervo and goose-winging back to Marina di Portosco. We finished our awesome week at a fantastic restaurant called Cubone, which is just a 5-minute walk from the marina.

What an amazing week! Thank you Davide for having us. What is certain is that I’ll be back soon to spend more time exploring this wonderful corner of the med.

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