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Discover The Company Whose Vision is to Make Every Marine Vessel Electric

With a passion for sustainability, RAD Propulsion have redesigned the electric outboard motor from the propeller up and are making big waves in the boating world.

At Kraken Travel, we love to see new innovations in the world of marine technology. One company to keep an eye on is RAD Propulsion. Based in Southampton, the company has developed an advanced electric outboard which they call a “radically different outboard”. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion power and we can’t wait to see where they take it.

RAD Propulsion

RAD Propulsion was founded in 2018 by Dan Hook and Rich Daltry. Inspired by their extensive experience in ocean robotics, the two visionary boating enthusiasts saw an opportunity to transform the marine industry by introducing electrified solutions that change the way that people use and enjoy their boats. “They designed products that they want to use themselves,” says RAD’s marketing manager Vicki Realff.

With a clear mission to build premium products that facilitate the transition from internal combustion to electrified marine power, they weren’t content with just improving on existing technology, replacing internal combustion boat engines with electric ones. Instead, they started from a blank slate, reimagined the core architecture of marine outboards and designed their electric motors “from the propeller up”. This allowed them to design an entirely new system that harnesses the full potential of electric power and shatters perceptions of what electric outboard motors are capable of.

Advantages of Electric Outboard Motors

RAD’s electric outboard motors offer several performance advantages over internal combustion units. The use of electronic controls, from throttle to drive, ensures a highly responsive and efficient steering experience, making electric boats more fun to drive.

Electric motors also have fewer moving parts and are thus cheaper to maintain than traditional power units as there are fewer parts that can break. The reduction in operating costs is particularly attractive to commercial users, making boat ownership more economically viable.

One of the key features of electric power is noise or lack thereof. Electric motors have a minimal acoustic footprint, enabling them to navigate through wildlife without disturbing the environment, allowing boaters to get closer to nature.

RAD In Action

The company’s products are versatile and adaptable and accommodate various boat configurations, from catamarans to rigid inflatables and motor launch boats. In fact, many vessels fitted with RAD propulsion systems can be seen all around the world.

The company is currently focussed on disrupting the market by teaming up with boat designers and commercial vessels, but looking into the future they also want to bring the excitement of electric to smaller watercraft like kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. “Every vessel could go electric,” says Realff, “and it’s our ambition to achieve just that.”

Shared Commitment to Sustainability

The company’s commitment to sustainability was recognised at the recent Southampton Boat Show, achieving second place for the sustainable practices they have throughout the design and manufacture of their products. “We take sustainability very seriously, “ said RAD’s marketing manager, Vicki Realff.

Kraken Travel shares RAD Propulsion’s commitment to sustainability. We know that the marine industry is responsible for over 3 percent of global CO2 emissions. Through our own initiatives, by sailing more often and using more electric motors like those from RAD Propulsion we hope we can cut down on this figure!