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Five sailing trips for five very different people

We’ve explored five different personas of typical travellers and have matched up what we consider to be the most suitable and exciting sailing adventures for each, where could you go next?

By Charlotte

Everyone’s sense of adventure is a little different; where you are in your life, what your experiences are, and what drives your lust for adventure can lead you to some widely different places. So we’ve explored five different personas of typical travellers and have matched up what we consider to be the most suitable and exciting adventures for each, read on to discover more and enjoy some very clichéd stock images 🙂

When you travel alone, you learn to appreciate your own company and to get lost in new worlds alone. Solo travellers usually more are self-sufficient, self-motivated, have creative minds that truly engage with their experiences without the distraction of others to pull them out of it. For those who like to go it alone, boarding an adventure on the Flying Dutchman could offer all the exploration and new experiences you can hope for. You’ll also get the chance to meet lots of new people and make life-long friends and can even choose to immerse yourself more in the social side by sharing a twin cabin with someone new.

The expedition to St. Kilda offers the opportunity to explore the isle of Canna, known as the “garden of the Hebrides” with its verdant natural beauty, and stunning wildlife. Visit the Outer Hebrides to take in the sight of imposing mountain ranges and deep bays. Then finish up in St. Kilda, an incredibly varied volcanic archipelago with over 2000 years of history to explore.

If you’re enjoying your retirement, then you might find that passion for adventure rekindling all over again. After spending on average 85,000 hours working in one’s lifetime, there’s no better time to escape reality and embark on a new adventure. Experiences that combine the thrill of exploring, with relaxing luxury onboard a Luxury Dive & Sail adventure to Raja Ampat could be the perfect trip for you.

The gorgeous blue waters of this Indonesian archipelago are a welcoming sight, and exploring the surrounding islands, from tropical mangroves to virgin white sand beaches, can feel like stepping into a dozen different dreamscapes.

Finding your time and your budget is constrained by the realities of student life? That doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to break free and enjoy yourself now and then. Thankfully, there is a range of bank balance friendly, shorter experiences that can give you your fill of thrills and exploration.

The Volvo 70 weekend experience puts you on the deck of a high-performance Volvo Open 70, seeing you speeding over the channel, helming, trimming, and grinding with the pros. Or you can just sit back and enjoy the views. Either way, you can enjoy the glorious scenery of the south coast and the exhilaration of one of the fastest sea adventures around.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for your next adventure and finding it hard to sit still and embrace the 9-5 life, then why not try something new? Strap on a harness and jump on a boat to embark on a climb and sail trip. The summer months can see you playing in the water and winds on your way to Norway. Touch land to take a trek over the fjords, leading to imposing, challenging, Stetind Mountain, just waiting to be climbed.

Of course, in the winter, there’s really nothing quite like switching the climbing harness for zooming down a steep slope, carving some fresh lines and throwing up glistening white powder with every turn. Ski and Sail adventures can take you to some of the best slopes in all of Norway, to the Lyngen Alps and Lofoten.

You don’t have to be shy if it’s your first time, either. There are sailing adventures for travellers of all comfort and skill levels. For first-time sailors, the French Caribbean adventure is the perfect example of why so many people fall in love with the sea in the first place. Golden sands, sky blue waters, and gorgeous island weather all await.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, then taking a voyage on a tall ship adventure around the Cyclades could be what you’re after instead. Each island and port on the way offers a different vista, changes to see new and some excellent opportunities for photos.

Which adventure is right for you?

Whether you’re a first-time sailor looking to get your foot in the door, or an adrenaline junkie looking for your next buzz of adventure, or simply looking to escape normal life and embrace the wind in your hair and sand between your toes, there’s something for everyone. Take a closer look at the website or get in touch and we’ll find the right trip for you.

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