How to watch the Tokyo Olympic sailing LIVE!

Here’s the Kraken guide to the sailing at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo

By Mike

The Tokyo Olympic games may have been delayed by 12 months, but that hasn’t quelled the excitement in the sailing community. As the sailing athletes come to the end of their prolonged training cycle and hit the water in Japan, we’re here to guide you through the next couple of weeks of sailing action.

Where is the sailing being held?

Enoshima is a small harbour roughly 25NM South of city centre Tokyo. The venue itself is no stranger to the Olympics as it was used for the sailing events in the 1963 games.

What classes are racing?

The line-up of Olympic classes is the same in Tokyo as they were in Rio 2016. The only slight change is that the classes formerly known as Laser and Laser Radial are now known as ILCA 7 and ILCA 6 respectively.

How is the racing scored?

Bare with us on this one…

Racing is on a “low points system” meaning that if you come 1st, you get 1pt, 2nd gets 2pts, 3rd 3pts… you get the idea. If you’re disqualified, you are scored at least last place +1!

Qualifying Series

Over the course of a few days, each fleet will enter a qualifying series. 470 Men and Women, ILCA 6, ILCA 7 and Finn all have 10 qualifying races scheduled. Whereas RS:X Men and Women, 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 all have 12 qualifying races scheduled.

Each qualifying series has just one discard. This means that if you race 10 races, you count your best 9 results and the total of those results makes your overall qualifying series score.

The top 10 lowest scoring sailors from each qualifying series will proceed to their fleet’s medal race.

The Medal Race

Results in the medal race are worth double the points, so 1st get 2pts, 2nd 4pts, 3rd 6pts… and so on.

All sailors who qualify for the medal race must take part – even if mathematically you can’t be beaten. Also, the medal race result can’t be discarded, so make it a good one.

There is only one medal race for each fleet, so the points from the qualifying series are added to the medal race points, and put in order of lowest score first.

So, the sailor with the lowest total score takes the gold medal.

What’s the schedule of racing?


How’s the racing going so far?

A full rundown of results and splits at mark roundings can be found here.

How can I watch the action live?

Due to intense European TV rights bidding war, here in the UK, the BBC can no longer provide live feeds of the Olympics on the “red button” 🙁 so the only action on terrestrial TV will be included in highlight shows.

So, if like us, you want to watch all of the sailing action LIVE you’ll have to subscribe to either Eurosport or Discovery+. The good news is, both services have Olympic specials on and you can subscribe for just one month for less than £10. Bargain.

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