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Why Millennial’s Are Choosing Digital Detox Adventures

Do you know how much time your spending on your phone..? The best adventures happen in real life, not behind a screen, learn how to detox today

By Charlotte

Do you find yourself glued to your phone, checking emails and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? You’re not alone, a series of recent studies showed some pretty damming results:

60% of U.S. students consider themselves to have a mobile phone addiction.
71% of people sleep with or next to their cell phones.
35% of people think of their cell phones when they wake up while only 10% of people think of their significant others.
44% of 18-24 year olds have fallen asleep with their phone in their hand.
36% of people check their phones constantly, while 54% of young adults are checking constantly.
Nearly 40% of people never disconnect from cell phones, even while on vacation.
44% of Americans say they couldn’t go a day without their mobile devices.

This isn’t a new problem, it’s been growing since the rise in domestic use of mobile phones in the 90s. Even as far back as 1991, the negative effects of 24/7 connectivity were highlight in Stephen Spielberg’s film ‘Hook’ where lawyer and father, Peter has his family life is thrown into disarray by the distraction of his work mobile phone.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that in a world where we are constantly surrounded by technology, more and more people are looking for an escape from the every day – and it’s Millennials who have found new ways of living their best life. It all begins once they’ve ditched the tech and embarked on digital detox adventures.

Whether it’s sailing across an ocean or island hopping through the Arctic, the escapism experience is becoming more and more popular. But, what’s behind the change and why are Millennials shedding their tag of technologically-dependent travellers?

Carry on reading to find out more.

The Growth Balance

Fewer generations have placed as much of an emphasis on personal growth as Millennials. You even need it in the workplace! Few of the Baby Boomer generation and people born in the 70s had this attitude; they ate, slept, rinsed and repeated. Millennials understand the need to take a break from life and relieve the stresses that build-up on the daily. That means switching off from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and connecting with strangers and fellow travellers.

Millennials appear to understand this better than other generations due to not only being digitally native but also growing up in an age where there has been more research and emphasis on mental health and well being. This is why Millennials understand the need for social media escapism is growing; it’s good for the soul.

Off-Piste Freedom

The world has become a small place in the past two decades. Now, the likes of the Arctic, Micronesia and islands off the Pacific coast of South America are less than a day’s travel away. You can get there easily without any hiccups or spending three weeks at sea (though we don’t see much wrong with that!). Not only that, but Millennials are drawn to places that are off the map. These adventures often take many hours of digital research to organise but the arrival will provide them being digitally free – a place with no phone signal, and limited access to power to charge devices.

Out of the Office

For Millennials, there is nothing as easy as working from anywhere in the world. However, freelancing while sat on a sun-lounger is still work – but it’s the then discipline to power off once your work is done. As sometimes, the best thing to do is to disconnect from life altogether and take a break.

Not just Millennials

However, digital detox’s aren’t just for Millennials – they’re for all of us. So maybe it’s time you go “off-grid” and feel the digital stresses of everyday life just melt away.

UK adults spend an average of  8 hours, 41 minutes a day on screens