“When I planned to sail to a tiny music festival off the coast of Norway from the comfort of my office in sunny Los Angeles, I had no idea what to expect.  I could not have anticipated the fun, exhilaration and joy of camaraderie and connection that comes from joining a crew to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic.  I felt entirely safe and had the option to be useful as part of the crew (or to relax with hot chocolate) under the lead of our captain, whose humble charm set a relaxed and fun vibe on the boat.  Some of my favorite memories include preparing meals iron-chef style in the rocking kitchen, walking home under the midnight sun from a country-western town party on a tiny island, and sliding on my bottom down a snowy chute after climbing a steep peak (even the memory makes me laugh).  Traveling via boat gave us the opportunity to experience remote areas that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise.  I also made lasting friends, who were always ready with ideas to remedy the cold-phobia of a Los Angeles native.  Looking back on this trip gives me a feeling of accomplishment as well as humility and appreciation of the majestic beauty of the Arctic and the warmth and generosity of my shipmates.  Highly recommended!”