Top adventure trips for solo travellers

Top adventure trips for solo travellers

Here at Kraken HQ we’re the experts in adventure, particularly finding the right kind of trip that makes you feel invincible, accomplished and empowered. If you haven’t done it before, do yourself a favour and travel solo at least once, it’s one of the best ways to challenge and improve your mindset.

From experience, we know that travelling solo doesn’t mean you’re going to be by yourself and have made lifelong friends on trips we’ve taken by ourselves. Friendships that may not have been formed had we been travelling with the distractions that come with a planned holiday, whether within a group or a significant other. We certainly don’t mean to disparage your loved ones, it’s just that sometimes, reaching a personal goal means stepping out on your own from time-to-time.

Below, we’ve selected our top trips for solo travelling in 2017, chosen for those with a simmering restlessness for adventure and the desire to fill all your devices with stunning photographs to show those back at home. We’ve got your accommodation covered on board so you’ll always be in a safe, warm and comfortable environment with like-minded people, just with an added dose of adventurous sailing added in for good measure. Check them out…

Whales come as standard on our Arctic Wildlife trips

Canadian Cape escape

Sail (one of) the seven seas as part of our tall ship crew. On this voyage of discovery you will explore the southern tip of Nova Scotia. Starting at Lunenburg you will follow in the footsteps of fishermen of old who used to fish the Grand Banks of Newfoundland from Lunenburg. You will learn all about what it takes to crew a tall ship against the stunning backdrop of the Nova Scotia coast. A 13 day trip open to beginners, designed to give you a solid grounding in sailing skills, as part of a team you’ll make lifelong bonds. Kraken Founder, Henry Burkitt has crewed the trip himself and can fill you in on all the details personally, just ask us.

Booking now for 11-20th August 2017

Traveller plus+ Partner this trip with a city escape to Quebec, Montreal, Boston or New York.

Kraken founder Henry Burkitt climbing the rigging in Canada

Norwegian Navigation

For those in love with wildlife and peering out across gorgeous landscapes, this trip combines both. Come with us to Norway and experience the many faces of Svalbard – on this full circumnavigation we will explore this magical island; the edge of the Arctic ice sheet, walrus colonies, wide calving glaciers, mountains, majestic fjords, midnight sun, bird-sanctuaries, not to mention the Hinlopen Strait. This trip is rich with whales and sea-life and if we are really lucky we might spot a Polar Bear.

Booking now for 1-11 August 2017.

Traveller Plus+ Add a day either side in Oslo to explore Norway’s capital.


Fijian Gold

Our Marketing Director took off to Fiji by herself and made lasting friendships over a Fijian Gold beer just off the coast of Suva, surrounded by palm trees, waterfalls and a coral coastline. We can say from experience, check out the wonders of this tropical paradise by yourself onboard a tall ship and you won’t be disappointed. We will explore the archipelago made up of over 300 palm fringed islands, white sandy beaches, coral reefs teeming with fish and island traditions to make up this South Pacific adventure. This is a great place to spot whales, sharks, rays and turtles. Everything you ever dreamed of as a kid is right here, if you want to pretend to be a pirate -that’s fine by us, we actively encourage it!

Booking now for 9-22 September 2017

Traveller plus+ If flying from the UK, stop off in San Francisco for a classic Californian city break.

Canary Island cruising

Shake off the thought of another ‘dreich’ New Years (as they say in Scotland) and join us for a week cruising the Canary Islands. Book in with us now and you’ve got an amazing trip to look forward to come the end of the year. We will spend this 8 day voyage sailing where the best winds take us. We will discover the different cultures and landscapes of the Islands and hope to see at least some of the vast array of marine life that swim in these waters. A gorgeous way to kick off 2018.

Booking now for 29 Dec 2017-5th Jan 2018

Sun going down on another year, as you sail into 2018!

The World’s Most Remote Music Festival

For the ultimate in creating trip envy amongst your social circle, you can’t beat sailing to the World’s most remote music festival with venues inside caves and on stages as the sun goes down at midnight, but wait…that’s not all. You can either start or finish your trip with the festival from there, you’ll cross the Arctic Circle, visit the Arctic’s only whiskey distillery, hike ruggedly breathtaking terrain, have bonfires on the beach and cook freshly caught fish – finally sail racing into Henningsvær. This is our A Grade, ultimate Kraken trip, one which the company ethos was founded on. Join us on board in June for an unforgettable festival experience.

Booking now from 30th June

Traveller Plus + there are limited spots and it’s our most popular trip, enquire now for your place!

Of course, almost all our trips are bookable for one person and our collection is unbeatable. If you’re looking for something to make 2017 truly special, check out our full portfolio on now and let us know how we can help put it all together for you.

Looking forward to helping you tick off that bucket list!

Kraken HQ x