Circumnavigation of Spitsbergen, Svalbard,

36,500 NOK / £3,345 per person*

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10 nights

On this trip you will have the chance to see Svalbard in it’s full variety in all aspects; the wildlife, nature, geology and most probably also weather and temperature. With the nimble sailboat as our mobile base we come close up on nature and the animals. We will have wind in our sails and saltwater in our face, all in the continuous arctic summerlight this time of year.

This is a real polar adventure! It is a decent sail around the Svalbard archipelago, but there is no better way to explore than doing watches at different times of day every day, as we seek out remote harbours and historic places along our 800 nautical miles long voyage. We will see many different species of birds, seals and whales, and hopefully we will also see the Polar Bears on our way.

Trip Start: Summer 2020 TBC

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Vessel Type

70ft steel expedition yacht “Valiente”

Vessel Length

70 foot




Single + double cabins


Deposit and cancellation:

50% and strict

See deposit and cancellations policy


  • Experienced skipper/instructor on board
  • Accommodation on board – 10 nights
  • Our comfy-package including a made bed with duvet, pillow and bedsheets
  • All food and all meals that we eat onboard
  • All boat-related expenses such as diesel, gas, harbour-fees etc
  • All use of equipment such as ribs, kayaks, fishing rods etc
  • Search & rescue insurance for all crew members
  • Safety gear for all crewmembers


  • The travel to/from Longyearbyen
  • Visits to restaurants, museums, galleries – normally just before or after the trip
  • Alcoholic drinks

Practical Info

  • Open to beginner sailors.
  • A reasonable level of fitness recommended.


Getting there

Take an internal flight within Norway to Longyearbyen.

Getting back

Take an internal flight within Norway from Longyearbyen.

Travel assistance

Need help booking travel and accommodation for your trip? We have teamed up with STA Travel. Their experts will assist you with all your travel requirements. Please enquire when booking.


Day 1 – Get to know the boat, the gear and the other participants

We meet onboard the boat in the harbour at 1600 o’clock, and start to get to know the other participants, the boat and the equipment. Together we stow all our gear and the food, and then we go through a safety drill and practice handling the boat and the sails. After making sure we are all set we cast off and sail straight across the fjord from Longyearbyen to Tempelet (The Temple) with its impressive shapes in sand and stone. Then we head out the Icefjord and turn north on the inside of Prins Karls Forland towards the Forlands-reef. Our first destination being New Ålesund; the northernmost settlement in the world.

Day 2 – New Ålesund and Kongsfjorden

We make a visit ashore in New Ålesund. The town has a progressive international research environment and is a rare outpost/pioneer-like place to be, however most famous probably as the starting point for the polar explorer Roald Amundsens expedition towards the north pole with the airship “Norway”. Back onboard we set sail deeper into the Kongsfjord; a fjord by many considered the most beautiful fjord in Svalbard. This mainly due to the surrounding two glaciers as well as the three spectacular pyramid-shaped peaks Dana, Nora and Svea, named after the three Scandinavian countries.

Day 3-5 – The north side of Svalbard (day 3 – 5)

Further north, as we approach the north-western corner of Spitsbergen, we sail into the Smeerenburgfjord where we will spend some time at a few historical sights. In Virgohamna we will make it to land and see the remains both from the 16th century whaling as well from two major attempts to reach the north pole by both air balloon and airship; both the Swedish Salomon August Andrée and the American Walter Wellman had this bay as their base camp and starting point. We will then sail throughout the north-western islands, pass Fair Haven, and set an easterly course along the northern side of Spitsbergen. Our course will be towards Nordaustlandet and the Hinlopen Strait; the strait separating Spitsbergen from the ice-covered Nordaustlandet (northeast Territories). On the way eastwards we will pass either Moffen, a small 360-degree beach resort for walruses, or we’ll go closer to land and visit the harbour Gråhuken where 6 Norwegian vessels froze in during winter 1872. Possibly we’ll also visit Mosselbukta, as well as Heclahuken and Krossøya on the east side of the Hinlopen strait’s north mouth. We will then head southwards into the Hinlopen Strait, a fascinating sound full of life, whales, and small icebergs from the glaciers on both sides of the sound. As we go through we’ll pass the Alke-mountain; the biggest bird sanctuary of Svalbard, and we will stop at Torellnesset, housing a big walrus-colony on the south-eastern tip of the Hinlopen Strait. If the weather allows we will also now stop for a longer walk ashore to stretch and move our sailor bodies. Hopefully, we can also dip briefly in the crystal clear water on the beach.

Day 6-8 – Coming out on the south of Hinlopen Strait (day 6 – 8)

Almost halfway on our journey, we are now heading south. From Hinlopen we pass out through the bumpy tidal streams of Ormebolet and the Heløy-sound, separating Spitsbergen from the Barents island. Here, the tidal stream goes up to 9 knots and it is important to time our passing through correctly. The current is created by the tidal differences between the inner pool of the Storfjord, and the Barents Sea east of Edge-island as well as the Barents-island. We then reach the inner pool of Storfjorden, a big and shallow fjord reaching all the way down to the south cape of Spitsbergen; the point that will be our general direction for the next days. On the way south we will spend time and sail passing by destinations like the Nigri Glacier, Cape Lee, Crozier Point, and Whale Bay. Possibly we also find time for a hike up the Keilhau-mountain close to the South Cape before we sail around the cape and up north on the western side. Our next destination is southernmost fjord of Spitsbergen; Hornsund.

Day 9-11 – Rounding the South Cape and Hornsund (day 9 – 11)

These last days we will spend in Hornsund and the western side of the land up to Isfjord and Longyearbyen. Hornsund is a beautiful place with good shelter and warmer temperatures, perfect for an anchorage and a hike up on the mountains deep in the fjord. Here four glaciers meet and calve into the sea, a spectacular sight. We then head northwards and will go into the Recherche-fjord for a short visit, before heading north again and into the Icefjord. As we pass the cape of Icefjord Radio we will know if there is time for a visit to the interesting and colourful Russian mining settlement of Barentsburg. We will be in Longyearbyen in the afternoon and we will tidy and ship shape the boat before we all go ashore to eat and conclude the trip in a proper manner. Check-out from the boat the next morning at 10:00 o’clock.


Sailing boots

Trainers/ deck shoes (no black soled shoes please – they mark the deck)

Waterproof sailing kit (two sets are recommended. Heavy gear for on-board and lighter kit for trips ashore)



Sailing gloves – 2 sets

Glove liners

Hand warmers

Hot water bottle

Clothes for on-board and on shore

A small backpack for trips on-shore (30-40 litres)

A water bottle

Thermals, two sets

Thick socks, two sets

Sun glasses (polarized)

Sun cream – SPF50+

Small quick dry towel

Swimming kit

USB cord to charge your phone


Warm sleeping bag

Head torch

Sailing knife


Printed out Insurance details

Any medication you require


Specialist off-shore sailing insurance is required. We can direct you to the insurer we use. Ask for information when you enquire.

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