Arctic Climb & Sail

22,500 NOK / £1.910.00 per person*

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On booking, your final balance will include a carbon offset contribution in line with our eco-policy. For more information, please contact us

*Trips are priced in the operator’s local currency. The sterling amount shown is a guide only and the amount you pay in sterling will change with currency fluctuations.

8 nights

If these dates don’t work, why not book the whole boat for dates that do! Minimum 5 participants.

Join us climbing and sailing among Norway’s national treasures! We sail from island to mountain, to experience, see and learn. We play in the wind, in the water, in the fjord, in the archipelago and in the high mountains!

This trip offers some of the most amazing and beautiful nature experiences Norway has to offer. For quite a while we have wanted to offer a trip where we sail from mountain to mountain and climb some of the most beautiful peaks in the area. We are now casting off, and docking at the entrance to some of Norway’s most spectacular climbing tours!

Moving around by sailboat is the best way to travel in these areas, and it is very convenient. From the sailboat close to land we can admire and study the mountains we are ascending, and then we just go ashore and up there.
Are you ready for next year’s sailing and climbing adventure?!

We start and end this trip in Bodø. First, we sail to Steigen and through Mannshausen, the expedition island of Børge Ousland, a very good starting point for climbing the nearby Nordskott-traverse. This is an airy, but manageable climb, which will give us a good idea of what is waiting in the mountains later in the week.

From Nordskott we continue to Hamarøy and Hamarøyskaftet, which is our next mountain to climb on this trip. This is a very special mountain in North-Norway; only 613 meters high, but still airy and with a great view.
From Hamarøy, the trip continues northwards and we pass by Tranøy Lighthouse, where we’ll possibly go ashore to have a look around.

The main objective of the trip is Stetind, Norway’s national mountain! As an ambolt in granite, it is towering Tysfjord, and even atheists can become religious by the sight of the mighty giant. We have skilled guides along the way and they will take us safely to the top of all the peaks.

If you want to experience the best of this area, then this is the trip for you! On our trips, you get the variety and combination of pleasant evenings in the boat and mind-blowing mountain experiences during the daytime!

Trip Start: August 2020 Various Dates

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Vessel Type

Bavaria 44 “Nirvana” or Bavaria 50 “Humla”

Vessel Length

44 or 50 foot




Single + double cabins, max 10


Deposit and cancellation:

50% and strict

See deposit and cancellations policy


  • Experienced local skipper/instructor on board
  • Experienced and local climbing guide – generally 1 guide per 4 participants
  • Accommodation on board during the whole trip
  • Our comfy-package with duvets, pillows and bedsheets
  • All food and all meals that we eat onboard underway (from dinner first day until breakfast last day)
  • High-quality inflatable life jacket
  • A sustainable, environmentally friendly, unique, exotic and exclusive holiday
  • Free use of equipment such as ribs, kayaks, fishing gear etc
  • All boat-related expenses such as diesel, gas, harbour-fees etc
  • Advice, guidance and practical training aimed at passing the boat driving license in Norway (Båtførerprøven).


  • Climbing safety gear. Can be rented for 650NOK/£60 per week.
  • Transportation to/from Bodø
  • Possible restaurant visits or other extra activities that cost extra
  • Drinks like wine, beer or exclusive apple juice and other luxuries

Practical Info

Level of trip

Sailing-wise the trip is not particularly difficult, and you are very welcome to join no matter what sailing experience you have! If you are a beginner, we would like to make you a sailor as soon as possible, and if you are experienced you will have responsibility and greater challenges. You will contribute to the sailing, cooking and operation of the boat on this trip.

The climbs on this trip are not technically challenging, but there are some very airy parts along the way, which can make the heart beat a little faster. In general, climbing is graded from 3 (which is very easy) to 9 – 10 (which is difficult, very difficult), the climbs we are going to do during this trip are in the 4’s. If you have climbed a little before, if you are used to the mountains and have a steady foot and you do not have fear of heights, you will be able to complete this trip.


The guides on the trip are certified climbing instructors and active climbers and always focus on safety. This also allows the program to change along the way. The peaks could be replaced with other great peaks in the area if the situation would indicate that. Weather and conditions might lead to changes in the plan along the way, but the program is flexible and we make every effort to get to the planned peak. Our tour guides will make continuous evaluation and judgement of safety along the way.

We take safety seriously and on our trips, we train on handling various situations that may occur at sea. Man-over-board, fire, abandoned vessel, broken mast, running aground are some of these. Building the participants’ expertise on how to handle critical situations are key elements for better safety on board. On board the boat and on tour everyone must know what to do in potentially dangerous situations. For us, it is important that you as a guest quickly learn to be a participant onboard and not a passenger. It contributes to learning, sense of achievement and increased safety for boat and crew. That’s why our tours are also considered as sailing courses and not a trip where you are a passive passenger.


We provide all the common equipment. Those who sign up for the trip will receive a detailed equipment list before departure. Of personal climbing equipment that should be brought, are: helmet, harness, screwgate carabiner, belay device/rappel figure eight, 2 pcs. Prusik/hug knots. If you can not get the equipment before departure, you can rent the equipment package for 650NOK per week.


If you have time, we always encourage to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. Travelling slowly also gives a different start to a vacation than travelling quickly. Nordlandsbanen train line goes all the way to Bodø, and by night from Oslo to Trondheim, it’s a great journey from southern Norway. For timetables and prices see www.nsb.no If you live along the coast, the speed ferries or Hurtigruta are possible options either northbound or southbound. Another option is a flight to Bodø, and there are some reasonable tickets.


We live on board the sailing boat in double cabins, some with double beds, some with bunk bed (one over the other). It will not always be possible to shower every day because of limited fresh water capacity, but mostly every other day we are either in a harbour with enough fresh water or we will go to a place where we can borrow a shower. And of course this is a summer trip and then we usually bathe in the sea anyway.

During the tour, everyone helps in the operation of the boat, and we all take turns cooking. Prior of the tour, we set up a menu and go grocery shopping. If you have allergies, please let us know. During the trip, we also sail by some of the area’s best restaurants.

Changes in the program

This program should be viewed as a starting point that we adapt to the weather and conditions. We also reserve the right to continually improve the tour program for the better. With us along the way, we always have light boats for beach landings and small expeditions, we have fishing gear for the cod, and equipment for bonfires and trips ashore – we are ready for adventure!

Terms and conditions when it comes to mountain and climbing tours:

The day to day program is indicative and changes may occur. We also refer to our general travel terms.

We take safety very seriously, and we reserve the right to make changes or cancel climbing-activity if reasons are compelling, such as bad weather, injuries or other circumstances. Participation is at your own risk. Payment for the trip is not refunded as a result of unforeseen events, injuries/weather or other circumstances.
However, we have a whole week at our disposal and we will be playing in an area rich in nature and opportunities for alternative activities.


Getting there

Fly into Bodø

Getting back

Depart from Bodø

Travel assistance

Need help booking travel and accommodation for your trip? We have teamed up with STA Travel. Their experts will assist you with all your travel requirements. Please enquire when booking.


Day 1: Tour start in Bodø

Meeting in Bodø at 16:00. Onboard the boat we get to know the other participants and the crew. Before we start sailing we go through the boat and the equipment on board, and we go through basic sailing theory and handling of sails. We also look at the schedule for the week and adapt this to the weather forecast and expected conditions. Eventually, we cast off and start the trip by sailing northwards towards Kjerringøy where we dock for the night.

Day 2: Sailing to Nordskott and Mannshausen

After breakfast, we sail further north and into Steigen to Mannshausen and Nordskot. During the day we stop for fishing fresh fish for dinner, and on Mannshausen we go for a walk and stretch our legs.

Day 3: Hefty Nordskot-travers and evening sailing to Hamarøy

After breakfast, we tie our hiking boot laces and go climb the Nordskottraversen. The trip takes 6-8 hours and goes from Nordskot up to Sørskottind, and from there on to the ridge. It’s a short but vertical rappel of 4-5 meters before you get on the actual ridge that connects the southern and northern mountains. Down the mountain, we can walk Skotsdalen back or walk down on the other side, towards Lundvatnet. After the trip, we eat some hot food on the boat before continue sailing to Hamarøy that evening. Here we anchor in the archipelago by the foot of the mountain and prepare for a new climb the next morning.

Day 4: Hamarøyskaftet 613 m.a.s.l

In the morning we will land on Hamarøy with the dinghy, and start the trip to the top of the spectacular Hamarøyskaft landmark. The trip takes 6-8 hours and offers a little more climbing than the previous climb. This is another nice trip that will make us well prepared for the challenges at Stetind. After the trip, we make a bonfire on shore and enjoy ourselves without rushing forward this evening.

Day 5: Sailing north

Sailing further north to Tranøy Lighthouse and into Tysfjord towards Stetind. This day we take it easy after two days in the mountains. This is also a reserve day that can be used for a mountain trip, if weather and weather forecasts have made it difficult to complete one of the day 3 or 4 tours. Underway towards Stetind we will pass Tranøy Lighthouse. Here we go for a coffee and learn some local history about this characteristic place. It was granted money for the construction of a lighthouse here in 1863, and the place has an exciting story.

Day 6: “The ugliest mountain I ever saw” – Stetind

It was the mountain climber William Cecil Slingsby who used these well-known words of what is now Norway’s national mountain. Stetind is the highlight of this trip, as it will be a full mountain- and climbing day at Stetind. The trip can take anywhere from 10-18 hours, depending on weather, conditions and group dynamics. However, after being together for almost a week, we will be a well functioning group, well prepared for Stetind. The mountain was first summited in 1910 by a Norwegian group of 3 persons led by Ferdinand Schjelderup. When Stetind was named Norway’s National Mountain in 2002, Arne Næss said the following about the mountain: “Stetind is a fabulous journey. The mountain comes straight up from the sea, gets steeper in an absolutely beautiful way. Stetind is delicious granite, hard, good stone to hold in. It’s as if the mountain is on your side ». If the weather would not allow Stetind this day, then we’ll find something different. Probably we will know this a little in advance and can plan it out. This day we eat both lunch and dinner in the mountains.

Day 7: Sailday to Bodø (reserve day for Stetind)

After a long day climbing yesterday we will only enjoy the last sailing out on the Vestfjord and back to Bodø. There will be some hours of sailing today, and we arrive in Bodø late in the evening. Today is also a reserve day for Stetind if we did not walk it yesterday. If we go to Stetind today, there will be a long and demanding night passage back to Bodø, but it would be worth it!

Day 8: Goodbye for this time!

After a nice breakfast on the boat, we end the tour at 10:00 in Bodø. You can either continue the tour, please feel free to contact us for tips on what to do, otherwise, you can easily reach the train station or airport in Bodø, both actually in walking distance from the harbour.


Base layer – 2x warm thermal tops + thermal leggings

Mid layer – 2x fleece type mid layers + mid layer trousers

Light waterproof shell (waterproof hiking type jacket and trousers) – for exploring ashore

Down jacket – a down (or synthetic alternative) jacket, the warmer the better

Gillet – optional but a really versatile mid layer, down or synthetic down are great

Hats – 2x warm wool hats, ear flaps are great

Waterproof hat – a waterproof hat or cap (eg Sealskins)

Neck warmer – 2x ‘Buff’ style neck warmers

Gloves – one waterproof pair (ski or fishing type) + 2x thinner fleece liner / spare pairs

Socks – 2x pairs of warm socks for sailing + hiking socks for exploring ashore

Boots – Wellington type boots. These are needed not just for sailing but also for getting ashore from the rib where you may need to stop into mid-calf depth water. They don’t need to be expensive or sailing specific, but they should be waterproof with good grip

Hiking shoes / boots – suitable for exploring on rough or wet terrain ashore

Rucsac – for on land exploring

Underwear – a couple of sets of comfortable underwear

Swimwear – you might not fancy a dip in the Arctic waters but a local hot tub can be a treat that you don’t want to miss out on

Camera, batteries, memory cards etc – it is possible to charge camera batteries onboard but it is a good idea to bring spare batteries and lots of memory card space

Entertainment – books, music etc for rest time

Toiletries – basic wash kit with travel-sized bottles

Eye mask and earplugs – can make sleeping easier in the midnight sun

Any personal medications that you need – ensure you have enough to last the whole trip

Dry bags – recommended for keeping any electrical kit in and for taking things ashore

Head torch – ideally with a red light function

Sunscreen – 24hr daylight can be relentless


A set of ‘shore clothes’ for travelling in / rest days in town

Passport / visas

Credit/debit card for shore-based activities or travel emergencies

Kitbag – this must be squashy type (not a suitcase) a large barrel type bag is ideal


Specialist off-shore sailing insurance is required. We can direct you to the insurer we use. Ask for information when you enquire.

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