South-West Greenland Expedition

24,800 NOK / £2,245 per person*

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24,800 NOK / £2,245 per person*
*Trips are priced in the operator’s local currency. The sterling amount shown is a guide only and the amount you pay in sterling will change with currency fluctuations.

8 nights

This week we will play around in the majestic landscapes and deep fjords of Southwest Greenland. We will hike ashore, fish, climb, and spend some time as well to ingest the atmosphere and do nothing…

Highlights of this leg will be the dramatic Tasermiut-fjord with peaks reaching 2000 meters right from the surface of the water, and the Uunartoq hot springs a day of sailing further north.

We must also learn some local culture, language and really get to feel the distinctiveness of the area. With planned stops in Auqpilatoq, Nanortalik, Qaqortoq and Igaliku all this should be possible.

Trip Start: 8 September 2018

Trip End: 15 September 2018

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Vessel Type

70ft Expedition Yacht

Vessel Length





Double cabin


Deposit and cancellation:

50% and strict

See deposit and cancellations policy


  • Experienced skipper / instructor onboard
  • Accommodation on board the whole trip
  • All food on board
  • An environmentally friendly, unique, exotic and exclusive adventure vacation
  • Safety gear, survival suits and SAR-insurance for all crewmembers
  • Use of small boats, kayaks, fishing gear etc
  • All boat-related expenses; fuel, gas, harbour, mooring etc…


  • Travel costs to and from start/end point of trip
  • Expenses for restaurants, museums or optional activities underway, or overnight stays beyond the approved program
  • Alcoholic beverages

Practical Info

Open to beginner sailors.

Adventurous outlook is advisable.


Getting there

Fly to Narsarsuaq Airport

Getting back

Narsarsuaq Airport


Day 1-2 – Sailing from Narsarssuaq to Nanortalik

After safety briefings, provisioning and checking our equipment we’ll hoist sail out towards the southern fjords in Nanortalik. Here we’ll disembark to have a look around and become familiar. The city watches over the entrance of the majestic Tasermiut-Fjord which we’ll enter and explore the following day.

Day 3 – Exploring the world heritage area Tasermiut-fjord

From Nanortalik we’ll sail into the Tasermiut-Fjord. The most famous of the fjords on southern Greenland, and also listed as a UNESCO world heritage area. Here we’ll find luscious hills and meadows, and also mountains in the 2000-meter class that appear like walls from the ocean’s foot. We’ll take in visual impressions that’ll stay with you forever.

Day 4 – Sailing to the hot springs in Uunartog

This’ll be our spa-day. On our way from Nanortalik to Alutsiaap Paa we’ll find our way to the hot springs of Uunartoq, and have a nice and hot bath. Our chef Tipi has said he’ll try to barbecue an entire sheep on this day… We’ll see what kind of raw ingredients we will find, and to complement the main course. In any case it’ll be delicious and fun.

Day 5 – Sailing to Qaqortoq to Igaliku

Once in Greenland, Qaqortoq will become our “home-port”. This is because our friends from Greenland, Dine and Tipi, grew up here. This is also one of the places Hans and Alf stopped in on their journey to Canada in 1940. From Qaqortoq we’ll sail on to the fjord in Igaliku. Those who want to can bring a tent and a sleeping bag and hike through the night from Qaqortoq to Igaliku, and those who wish to remain in the boat may do so. Once we’ve arrived in Igaliku, there are many historical and cultural places to explore, but the village is also neighbour to the most spectacular view in all of Southern-Greenland: The mountain Illerfissalik, which stands tall at about 1752 metres. The hike is a total of 10-12 hours. Those who would rather paddle a Kayak, hike a shorter walk on land or something else may do so.

Day 6 – Sailing to the brink of the Ice and glacier-hiking

On this day we’ll sail around the Narsaq-Peninsula on the northside and into the Sermilik-Fjord. Here we’ll find the largest glaciers in the area, and the chances are good to see glaciers calving in the ocean. When inside the fjord, there’ll be few spots stay overnight, but once we’re out in the archipelago we’ll have plenty of spots to lower anchor, and we’ll stay here for the evening.

Day 7 – Hiking the Glaciers

We wouldn’t travel to Greenland without getting up close and personal with the glaciers, and getting a feel of the ice between your hands and below your feet. If many want to hike the glacier, we’ll rent a glacier-guide and equipment to make the best possible experience. Alternatively, we can also stay on board, fish or Kayak in the Kayak’s home country.

Day 8 – Ending our trip

We’ll sail those who are headed to the airport in Narssarsuaq, and those who are staying – to Igaliku or Qaqortoq. Here you’ll have plenty of activities to do before your plane leaves. You can fish on the beach, walk up the inland-ice, or rent a mountain bike and bike the historic paths in this ancient landscape. We recommend all participants to remain a couple of days extra in Greenland, as there’s a lot to see and do here. We’ll send out tips and info on activities and accommodation to all participants. We’ll be accompanied by two friends from Qaqortoq that’ll contribute as much as they can to create great experiences on land after the trip.


Sailing boots

Trainers/ deck shoes (no black soled shoes please – they mark the deck)

Waterproof sailing kit (two sets are recommended. Heavy gear for on-board and lighter kit for trips ashore)



Sailing gloves – 2 sets

Glove liners

Hand warmers

Hot water bottle

Clothes for on-board and on shore

A small backpack for trips on-shore (30-40 litres)

A water bottle

Thermals, two sets

Thick socks, two sets

Sun glasses (polarized)

Sun cream – SPF50+

Small quick dry towel

Swimming kit

USB cord to charge your phone


Warm sleeping bag

Head torch

Sailing knife


Printed out Insurance details

Any medication you require


Specialist off-shore sailing insurance is required. We can direct you to the insurer we use. Ask for information when you enquire.

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