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14th April 2024 to 20th April 2024

Beneteau First 40: Les Voiles de St Barths 2024

From £1995 per person

Take part in one of the Caribbean's most exclusive regattas onboard a competitive Beneteau First 40.
Pay a 25% deposit per item
Suited to
Individuals, Couples, Groups
Some sailing experience required
Nights onboard
Vessel type
Beneteau First 40
Vessel length
Professional Skipper
Professional First Mate + 2 other pro crew
Berth Style
Single berths
Insurance Required

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your Caribbean racing, then Les Voiles De St. Barth is the regatta for you.

6 Nights: 14 - 20 April 2024

From £1,995 per person

The enchanting island of St. Barthélemy shall once again play host to its youthful, yet popular regatta. Incepted in 2010, this resplendent isle will revel in the 2024 edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth. Boasting ideal sailing conditions for competitive races, exquisite cuisine, and breath-taking beaches, this event is not to be overlooked.

High-performance yachts, crewed by some of the world's best international sailors, will return to the azure waters surrounding St. Barths for five days of arduous, yet varied racecourses. Anticipate being part of closely fought contests in all classes, in every race, with suspense maintained until the very finish line.

An array of 26 potential courses, spanning 17 to 60 miles, is on offer, with the final selection contingent upon the weather. The intention is for two races per day, commencing not too early and concluding not too late, in harmony with the island's leisurely ambience.

Subsequent to the races, a programme of special events and evening concerts awaits the sailors and the local populace alike. The Port of Gustavia will serve as the epicentre of amusement and festivities, with a central Race Village catering to the competitors. Moreover, the regatta's signature Lay Day, nestled in the middle of the event, is to be spent at the renowned Nikki Beach, where one may bask in the quintessential French lifestyle amidst the Caribbean's splendour.

All these components coalesce to forge the unmissable affair that is Les Voiles de Saint-Barth.


14 April 2024 – Meet team & safety/training day

15 – 20 April 2024 – Regatta racing each day


  • 5 days racing
  • 1 days training
  • Fuel
  • All social events
  • Entry fees
  • Professional skipper and 3 pro crew
  • Lunch
  • Airfares
  • Meals offboard
  • Transfers airport-marina-airport
  • Sailing gear
  • Personal insurance


14 April 2024 – Meet team & safety/training day

15 – 20 April 2024 – Regatta racing each day



Deck Trainers/Non Marking Trainers

Trainer Socks and Shoe Spray


Sailing/Sports Shorts

We recommend against jeans


Tech Top/Sports Top

Fleece/Soft Shell Jacket


Fingerless Gloves


Cap/Floppy Hat

Top Layers:

Waterproof jacket

Sailing Jacket




Multi Tool

Electrical Tape

Kneew Pads



Insect Repellant

Water Bottle

Waterproof Phone Case