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Cruising Guide: Phuket, Thailand

By our travel expert MIKE

We’ve put together our favourite week long itineraries for one of the best places to charter a yacht and sail in SE Asia – Phuket.

Sailing Area

Chartering from Phuket offers charter guests the opportunity to dive right into Thai culture in the smaller islands surrounding Phuket. Whether you’re into long stretch at sea to discover small fishing villages, or if you prefer short beach hopping, Phuket has it all. In our week long itinerary, we explore the best of both!

A Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Phuket to Koh Racha – 15nm

Known also as Raya Island, Koh Racha is a tropical paradise that lies just 20km south of Phuket and is a popular charter destination for divers seeking to dive, snorkel, and swim in turquoise waters. Located on an island surrounded by coral clad seabeds and white sands, Koh Racha is a paradise for ocean lovers. Whether a diver is a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of dive sites to choose from, so anyone can enjoy impressive aqua adventures. The mainstay shoreline is Patok Beach, a luxury resort with white sands and a curved bay. Siam Bay is just a short walk away with plenty of space and blissful relaxation. The island’s charm can be enjoyed by charter guests while snorkeling and diving and trekking.

Day 2: Koh Racha to Koh Phi Phi – 32nm

A bucket-list destination made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach, Koh Phi Phi is surrounded by cream-colored sands and waters of shades of unimaginable blue. From the deck of your yacht, you feel as if you have gone to heaven. Though some parts of this beautiful island have been developed, you can still find those golden corners away from full moon parties and tourist crowds. The cliffs of Phi Phi Leh are carved like poetry, and the water is crystal clear – it’s a dream for snorkelers who want to see the underwater world with crystal clear visibility. For charter guests seeking scenic Thai beauty but don’t mind sharing space with other revellers, Koh Phi Phi is the poster child attracting travellers from far and wide for good reason.

Day 3: Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta – 15nm

Located just a short distance from Krabi’s stunning coastline, Koh Lanta is a true tropical haven nestled in emerald waters of the Andaman Sea. The island is lush with jungle, coral reefs and clusters of stilted villages built by sea gipsies, unlike its famous neighbour, Phi Phi. With its relatively flat terrain and reasonable roads, the island can be a playground for charter guests who are comfortable riding motorbikes and scooters. Misty mountains and fragrant forests offer hidden waterfalls and enchanting creeks lined with mangroves, and it is also an ideal diving destination. Koh Lanta is an oasis of crystal clear waters and breathtaking swimming spots.

Day 4: Koh Lanta to Ko Hong – 33nm

The island of Koh Hong is a tiny island in South Thailand just a day trip from Krabi, which has soaring limestone cliffs, white powdered sand, and coral reefs that are like Crayola. It is accessed by a narrow opening, which makes the Hong Lagoon a thrilling entryway. Koh Hong’s cliffs are majestic in mood, they are swathed in velvet and stand tall, creating an iconic postcard sight in Thanbok Kharanee National Park. The tiny island of Koh Hong is just a day trip from Krabi, one of Thailand’s best-known jewels, with soaring limestone cliffs and white powdered sands. A narrow opening allows for an exciting entry into Hong Lagoon, which is hidden away from the rest of the island. The cliffs of Koh Hong, situated in Thanbok Kharanee National Park, are majestic – swathed in velvet and standing tall, they make a wonderful postcard sight.

Day 5: Ko Hong – Koh Dam – 10nm

On the approach to this tropical haven, charter guests are sure to see why Koh Dam, which means Chicken Island in Malay, is so famous. Located just a short distance southwest of the enamoured Rai Leh peninsula, Koh Dam forms part of a smattering of stunning islets, each framed by pristine white sand beaches and fragrant vegetation. An idyllic escape for those seeking an authentic escape, this secluded spot is connected by a sandbank to neighbouring Thale Waek. It features dramatic limestone backdrops, jade green waters, and hazy indigo horizons. Charter guests can admire the island’s signature silhouette against the setting sun as they moor on its eastern side.

Day 6: Koh Dam to Phuket – 22nm

Despite being the largest island in Thailand, Phuket has spectacular beauty that cannot be ignored. More than 40km of sandy stretches to choose from on the island boast whimsical white sands and towering coconut palms. You can choose from many shimmering beaches to choose from, including Kamala Beach with its traditional Thai feel and Patong Beach with its pure-play vibe. Charter guests can visit the nearby Similan Islands to soften at an elephant sanctuary, where brightly painted colonial mansions can be seen, and in the Old Town, charter guests can ogle at brightly painted colonial mansions. Those looking for all-night partying after a great week on the water can follow the bright lights of Bangla. Of course, the local food scene is always a homely yet extravagant taste affair.

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