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Cabin Charters: All You Need to Know

By our travel expert Laura

Cabin Charters: All You Need to Know

By our travel expert Laura

Immerse yourself in the waters of the world without having to find friends to fill a whole yacht.

A cabin charter allows you to book however many cabins you need on a luxury boat, and send yourself on an adventure of new proportions! This charter method is perfect for individuals, friend groups and couples to meet like-minded travellers. A cabin charter holiday is a wonderful way to experience the culture of a country and get to see all the coves, beaches and small harbours that larger cruise boats are unable to enter. Sit back and relax as the crew onboard will do all the sailing and meal preparation while you take this time to sit back and relax.


There are many benefits to a cabin charter, here are some of them

With a professional crew and their captain at the helm of the boat, use this time to sail without stress. No sailing experience is needed on these charters, so you can choose to use this opportunity to sit back and relax, or learn some new sailing skills!

People from all over the world will be on the boat with you, so you will have a truly diverse experience, and will be able to make friends from different cultures. If you’re going on your own, use this as the perfect opportunity to make new friends who you can visit in their home countries.

A cabin charter is also budget-friendly. Instead of having to charter the whole boat, simply book one cabin and save! Enjoy all the luxuries of a crewed yacht charter without having to empty your savings. 

Don’t worry about scouring the internet for the coolest places to visit, because on a cabin charter, the itinerary is already planned out. Allow the experienced crew to guide you through your cruising ground, and simply experience the beauty you’ll be seeing!

By-the-cabin charters are available in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Exotics.

Cabin charters appeal to a wide range of travellers, most of whom share an adventurous spirit and the desire to experience new destinations, from a range of ages and walks of life. Still have some questions? Send an enquiry to our charter specialists and they’ll get back to you!

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