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One hull, or two. Which is safer?

Our resident risk-taker Oksy, an advocate of racing offshore and all things sailing, and a Risk Project Manager in the finance sector in London, shares her findings on this very common question…

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Unusual Places to Sail in 2022

It’s always a good idea to try sailing somewhere a little bit different. So here we have our top places to sail this year.

Yacht Charters Worldwide
The World’s Best Beaches

After much discussion and debate, we’ve managed to curate a definitive list of our favourite beaches to drop the hook.

How to charter a yacht

One of our sailing experts talks through the tips and tricks of how to charter a yacht.

Sardinia Yacht Chartering
A Week Sailing in Sardinia

Our suggested itinerary for the best way to spend a week sailing in Sardinia, the wonderful corner of the med.

Not quite sure where you would like to charter?