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We’re always excited when fellow sailing enthusiasts and adventurers sign up to join the Kraken Community because it gives us the opportunity to share incredible sailing stories that will leave you feeling inspired and in absolute awe of the greatest gift to our planet, the oceans – no matter your level of sailing experience or physical ability.

You will soon pick up that we are complete ocean junkies and simply cannot get enough of it, but if you are anything like us, you will love what we are all about!

Sustainability is our core focus and we work hard at giving back to the driving force of nature that captivates us and motivates us.
Latest trips, industry news, or the most epic traveller experiences are just some of the highlights you can enjoy as a member of the Kraken Community.

We have so much to tell you and show you so join us today and be a part of our squad of like-minded adventurers!

Fair winds,
Mike & Henry

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    "I absolutely love receiving my weekly mail from the team at Kraken. There is nothing better about reading uplifting and sometimes nail-biting sailing stories from people who live for adventure and nature. I even managed to score a nice discount on a trip my husband and I took last year."

    Paige Langton

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