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Find the best sailing adventures and book direct with our trusted independent operators. Here’s how.




We scour the planet for the best sailing trips, run by independent vessel operators with a wealth of local knowledge and unrivalled reputations.



We list the trips here so you can find the one that best suits your appetite for adventure, time available, budget and experience. Trust us to help you discover incredible adventures afloat.



You book your adventure directly with the operator through our website using our secure payment system.



We offer you the best value. You will never pay more than booking directly with the operator and we don’t charge a booking fee or a credit card surcharge.



Working out how to get to the vessel, what to pack and what insurance you need can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. Our travel advisors will guide you through all of this so you can focus on enjoying yourself.



Using our secure payment system, all your financial details are safe and confidential.

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Prices are shown in pounds sterling and also in the operator’s local currency. The sterling figure is a conversion from the operator’s local currency and is liable to fluctuate. On the day that you book, you will be charged the operator’s local currency amount for the trip converted into sterling. You will see two prices when paying; one is the operator’s price in their local currency and the other is the converted price which you pay.

Booking more than 12 weeks in advance?

If you are booking more than 12 weeks in advance of the start of your trip, paying the deposit stated on the trip page secures your booking. The balance is due 12 weeks before the date of departure.

Booking within 12 weeks of the date of travel?

If you book within 12 weeks of the date of travel, you must pay for your trip in full to secure your booking.

Currency conversion

If your transaction involves a currency conversion, we will convert the currency using a foreign exchange rate determined by a financial institution, which is adjusted regularly based on market conditions. You credit or debit card will be charged in your home currency according to the market exchange rate charged.

Secure payment

By booking through Kraken, all payments are processed securely for your protection and the safety of your funds is ensured.

When making a booking with an operator the payment is processed and collected by Kraken as agent for the operator.

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