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Yacht racing: A Sustainable Future

Between 2003 and 2012, in the U.S alone around 1.5 million recreational boats were retired and headed to the landfill.

By Mike

Despite the green image of sailing, the majority of the yachting industry is in a status quo toward sustainability. Indeed, between 2003 and 2012, in the U.S. alone around 1.5 million recreational boats were “retired” with little or no components able to be recycled. Every new boat out of a mould is an ecological time bomb.

There are two major threats:

1. The use of toxic resins and fibreglass
2. No real solution at the end of life.

Although greener solutions with sustainable materials are a big step in the right direction, the end of a yacht’s life only allows down cycling where the end product inevitably ends up in a landfill. Spotting the issue, eminent Dutch performance sailor and marine entrepreneur, Jeroen Wats brought together a group of like-minded professionals to help overcome this major problem:


Jeroen WatsWe came up with smart technologies and sustainable materials, keeping economic viability in mind and working on a transition in yacht building from linear to circular. And it is a mission possible.

World Sailing has set the bar towards sustainability with an agenda with requirements for 2030. Now if that isn’t an incentive for innovation, I don’t know what is?!

So imagine… A racing yacht with a modular setup for team racing and double-handed racing, unbeatable up-and downwind performance. Offshore skills with sportsboat thrills. Built to last and engineered according to CE and ISO regulations. Going beyond the 2030 requirements of World Sailing and bears in mind logistic solutions to reduce carbon footprint and logistic costs and yet has a controlled and competitive cost price. That is without any doubt a Mission Possible.

Launching worlds first eco racer is the first step of our goal.

This revolutionary and ground-breaking offshore yacht development project was inspired ​by the Olympic motto of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” and the International Olympic Committee decision ​to select the mixed two-person offshore keel-boat event for the Paris 2024 Olympics. – the world’s first fully carbon neutral games.

We have assembled an elite team of internationally renowned offshore yacht designers, naval architects, ​multiple world champions, global offshore record breakers and multiple offshore yacht racing winners.​

It completely re-imagines the standards for double-handed offshore yacht racing and superior performance ​through innovative design, naval architecture and our patented circular and sustainable DANU composite material reinforcing ​our position as the ultimate low impact and circular yacht manufacturer.

A plan which ticks all boxes towards the planet, the sport we love and a sailing billboard spreading a message that it is time for a change. Because comfort is the biggest enemy of progress.

With World Sailing’s ambitious sustainability targets and the world’s first carbon-neutral  Olympics a mere 3 years away, sailing is well and truly on a green path that goes beyond sustainable products and towards a truly circular economy.