Why Alexis did it?

“I’ve been in the Marine Industry for a long time. When I started going down the sustainability route, I tried to tie the marine industry and sustainability together…I realised that there is a major lack of education in the sector but also, actually, there were nuggets of amazing work going on. So I thought, how do I do this… I set up a podcast with Ceri Hurford-Jones, who is an ex-radio presenter, and decided that we would start each podcast episode with a bit of education about the area, e.g. biodiversity, or circular economy, and then realised that there were a few areas where we really struggled to find an example for in the marine industry of a partnership that was actually doing this well… Hopefully, to inspire future people to say, hey look, it’s already been done and that it’s not impossible…”

What Alexis and Ceri hoped to achieve.

“Educating the sectors as much as possible and really showing the opportunities and why it’s a positive thing to go down rather than seeing it as a hindrance. We want it to be an inspirational podcast and not one that makes people more terrified about sustainability and all the connotations it currently has. We know this has been an issue to date.”

Despite focusing on the marine industry, these podcasts are an easy listen for anyone wanting to learn more about sustainability.