How to make your sailing more eco-friendly

We have been exploring small ways we as a sailing community can make a big difference to the world, whilst still making the most out of our sailing adventures. So here are our top eco-friendly sailing tips.

By Charlottte, 21 Oct 19

Are you passionate about both sailing and sustainability? There’s nothing that can beat having the wind whispering in your ear as your vessel glides through the rolling ocean waves. However, what if you could enjoy all that whilst helping protect the environment? In an ever-changing world, we are all acutely aware that although sailing is one of the most eco-friendly forms of transport it still comes with some environmental impacts.

Pack With The Planet In Mind

We know that packing for a sailing adventure isn’t the easiest, which is why every piece of clothing and every bottle of shampoo counts. Therefore when considering sustainability, eco-friendly compact items are a priority. In keeping with this idea, biodegradable washing products should be high on your list if you’re going for a long time, as it stops the ocean from dealing with dirty, harmful waste; look for products that don’t contain bleach or sodium.

The best clothing for sunnier destinations include products made from thinner material as these are more energy-efficient as they don’t need washing for as long. On the other hand, clothing made from recycled material is always a good step in the right direction as well as other products including: Bamboo products – toothbrush, water bottles, even towels – should also a consideration in an effort to move away from single and multi-use plastic products.

Bamboo products promote the plantation of more bamboo plants, these can add as much as 35% more O2 into the air, resulting in putting some much-needed oxygen back into the eco-system.

Shower In The Sea

Running out of water to shower in isn’t an issue when you’re surrounded by the sea, however, we can’t promise how warm it’ll be! Take the plunge, and jump into the sea with biodegradable products: an excellent way to stay clean, and save water as you’re not wasting precious H2O. Do all of your washing in the deep blue, and then give yourself a quick rinse with some freshwater once back on board. This same principle goes for washing pots and pans.

To go the extra mile, change your cleanliness habits by only washing once every couple of days and use biodegradable baby wipes to keep you fresh – those who’ve raced offshore will be au fait with this practise!

Use A Carbon Offset Strategy

Travelling to those glorious ports on the other side of the world may involve a flight to get there- at first glance this doesn’t seem too eco-friendly. However, no need to worry due to carbon offsetting programs. By investing in eco-friendly schemes, you can balance out the amount of CO2 you release into the air as a result of flying to your sailing destination. There are plenty, but the most pertinent for travellers is the Sustainable Travel International. With this organisation, you can fly wherever you wish, without the guilt.


If you need inspiration, we have lots of it here at Kraken Travel. Check out our website for more ways to enjoy sailing without a guilty conscious.

70% of the world is covered by water, yet only 2.5% of it is fresh and only 1% of it is easily accessible for human use.

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