Build your team with the exhilaration of racing on two epic America’s Cup 12mtr yachts. Only at Kraken Travel, will your team have the exclusive opportunity to sail and race two yachts that have a history with the 1987 America’s Cup – “French Kiss”, the semi-finalist of the Vuitton Cup, as well as “South Australia”, a cup-defending Australian challenger.

This matched racing experience is perfect for corporate teams looking for a unique and exclusive team-building experience. Our comprehensive one-day program is designed for groups of up to 16 people (with 8 on each boat). Throughout the day, each participant will be assigned a specific role and position. Given that the boats require 12 to 14 people to operate, everyone makes a vital contribution to the team and boat performance.

The boats are positioned closely together, making the team’s manoeuvring skills critical to the overall performance of the yacht. This emphasis on teamwork makes it one of the finest team-building activities and is why we spend so much time briefing and training on the water before the start of the regatta.

To ensure smooth operations and to enhance the thrill of the competition, we provide a skilled sailing team consisting of 5 sailors and one skipper on each boat, complementing the 8 guest sailors. Our on-water support and logistics cover race essentials such as course setting, departure procedures, and a support tender.

If you are interested please get in touch with our corporate sailing specialist today. This is a very inclusive activity, and no sailing experience is necessary.

One Day Programme

A typical one-day program is set as follows:

Arrival and Briefing (1h): Covering the boats, the day program, individual roles, safety on board and more.
Morning Training (2h): Learning and training all manoeuvres
Return to port for lunch break and debriefing (1h30)
Afternoon: 2 to 3 legs of match racing (2 to 3 h)
Return to shore for drinks and a prize-giving ceremony!

These boats are based in Nice, which is the capital of the Cote d’Azure in France. Nice International Airport is easily reachable from any town in Europe or from further away and can be easily combined with meetings, fairs or other leisure stays. During AC37, the yachts will also be based in Barcelona for some of the America’s Cup event. Contact us to chat about either venue.

Should you need any adjustments made to the one-day program, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

What’s Included:

  • One-day program of match racing and training on two iconic yachts “French Kiss” and “South Australia.”
  • An on-board sailing team consisting of 1 skipper and 5 crew on each yacht
  • A wholesome sandwich lunch and water on board
  • A support tender with a 2 person crew to assist with boat manoeuvres and with support
  • Insurance with the FFV (federation française de Voile) which will cover all people on board the yachts
  • Optional: Technical long-sleeve shirts with the name of each yacht, which can be customised for the event
  • Optional: Photoshoot on land and/or sea

About French Kiss

Designed by Philippe Briand, French Kiss was commissioned for the 1987 America’s Cup. Built by renowned aluminium cruiser builders, Alubat in a secret hangar just outside La Roche-sur-Yon, France, French Kiss featured sails constructed from Kevlar 49, which was unique at the time.

During the 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup, skippered by Marc Pajot, she reached the semi-finals, making it the only European vessel to achieve this feat. Unfortunately, French Kiss excelled in strong winds, and during the semi-final races, the winds unexpectedly dropped below 15 knots, resulting in a 4-1 victory for Team New Zealand. Despite the result, French Kiss has since won many accolades and remains one of the true legends of the magnificent J-class era.

About South Australia

Designed by Ben Lexcen, South Australia has a fast light wind design. Her design and build was sponsored by the South Australian government and 150 private companies, for the Defender Selection Series of 1987 in Perth. Whichever Australia boat won the series, would go one to compete in the America’s Cup. However, at just 12-metres she was too small for the strong wind conditions in Fremantle and was eliminated after series B.

Team Benefits

Sailing is a dynamic team-building sport, which can be a catalyst for lasting professional and personal growth. Consider the benefits of a company sailing regatta below:

Enhance communication across teams: Match racing require effective communication for successful navigation, promoting teamwork and clarity among team members.
Promote strategic thinking: The strategic elements of sailing encourage employees to think critically, make decisions on the spot, and adapt to changing conditions – skills applicable in the workplace.
Build trust and unity: The shared challenge fosters trust and unity among team members, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and reliance on each other.
Unique team bonding: Sailing events provide a break from routine, offering a unique and memorable experience that strengthens interpersonal relationships.
Inclusive participation: Sailing is inclusive, allowing individuals of varying skill levels to contribute, fostering a sense of equality and accomplishment.
Morale boost: The excitement and thrill of the open water contribute to increased job satisfaction and morale, promoting a positive work environment.
Create lasting memories: Sailing regattas create enduring memories, contributing to a shared narrative that enhances team cohesion long after the event concludes.