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Experience the world’s most remote music festival, Trænafestivalen. Held in the land of the midnight sun, it’s truly round the clock partying.

Experience a music festival like no other. Here you won’t find rowdy crowds, 10 mile long queues for the bar, and rubbish floating in the mud. Instead, you’ll find yourself on a tiny remote island on the edge of the Arctic circle in Norway. Trænafestivalen has a subtle charm about it, with music being performed in churches, in caves, lit by the magical midnight sun, this place is the best-kept secret ever.

Do you fancy sailing to this little slice of heaven, where you can do yoga on a hillside overlooking the water, listen to world-renowned artists after a day of climbing Trænstaven mountain, and then relax in a hot tub under the stars? The activities are endless! Once the festival is over you can continue your adventure by jumping on a boat and exploring even more of this enchanting area, try surfing, explore fishing villages, and, of course, practice your sailing skills!

A place that proves paradise doesn’t have to be tropical.

Discover the worlds most remote and beautiful festival by joining one of our incredible trips.

Sail your way to the festival, exploring the Vega islands on route, with an extra special ocean race to take part in on the way, making the start of a magical music event even more unbelievably memorable. Why not continue your adventure after the festival has stopped and uncovered more hidden gems of the Arctic, such as secluded beaches and glistening glaciers. There is no other experience like it, explore more now.