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Put money back into your sailing club and seagrass roots sailing projects

Sailing clubs and class associations earn 2% cashback on trips sold through Kraken Travel. You don’t need to register, sailors simply need to select your club name or class association at checkout to earn cashback. Then, we will send a cheque to your club with the cashback earned.

We know that maintaining and operating a club requires financial resources, and clubs often struggle with budget constraints, especially if they rely on membership fees, donations, or limited revenue streams. Our program is designed to support sailing clubs and class associations like the ones we grew up around. Let’s put money back into your club!

How Does It Work

Promote our by the berth adventures and yacht charter, and at checkout on the Kraken Travel site, travellers will have the option to choose a sailing club from the drop-down list to nominate. 

If the club not found please request here

If your sailing club is not on the list they can add it by selecting “Other” and designate their nominated local sailing club or class associations. Alternatively, if you don’t see your sailing club then reach out to us via email, and we will promptly add it.

With this affiliate structure, the average cashback per order is £90.00 to the nominated club with an additional £22.50 going to the Kraken Foundation. No annual fees apply. You can be located anywhere in the world, and participating is absolutely free. No string attached.

The Kraken Foundation

In addition to giving 2% cashback to the local clubs, an additional 0.5% from each trip will go towards Kraken Foundation. The money from The Kraken Foundation is dedicated to sending someone on a trip that would not otherwise be able to join due to financial or perceived physical barriers. Nominate someone in your life who you think would be a worthy recipient of this fund.

Kraken Travel Trips

At Kraken Travel we connect sailors to the world’s most exciting sailing adventures and holidays, that not only captivate and inspire but also prioritize the preservation of our planet, enabling travellers to connect with nature, support local communities, and make a positive impact. 

Kraken Travel is made up of a team of adventurers. We live to be off-shore and have experienced the wonders of the world’s oceans. We’ve tasted adventure, gone places few have been and collected memories that will last a lifetime. We want to help people to get out there and do the same. To go forth and sail the wild oceans. To step foot on forbidden shores.

Your community can choose from a wide range of adventure sailing trips, crew spots on world-class regattas, mile builders, and different types of yacht charters including bareboat, flotilla, skippered and crewed yacht charters worldwide. Each and every one of our trips and yacht charters are eligible for this cashback program.

Start Earning Cashback 

We believe our trips and yacht charters will genuinely resonate with your audience, and the more trips sold the more money goes back into your club. 

You can spread the word about our trips by promoting this program in the following ways:

  1. Tell your members about the partnership by word of mouth: Leverage personal connections within the club to create a buzz and generate interest. Encourage members to spread the word to their friends and fellow club members both on and off the water. People don’t need to be a club member to nominate your club at checkout.  
  2. Make announcements at club events: Capture the attention of a gathered audience at club events to introduce Kraken Travel, the program and its benefits.
  3. Put up flyers around the club: Place visually appealing flyers that clearly communicate the program details and advantages. We have created some examples for you to use here. Place the flyers strategically in high-traffic areas within the club to maximize visibility.
  4. Send out an email telling your audience about us: Craft a compelling email that introduces the program, its objectives, and how members can participate. Include clear calls to action, such as links to sign up or obtain more information.
  5. Utilise social media: Leverage the club’s social media platforms to create engaging posts and stories about the program and tag us. Encourage members to share these posts to increase the program’s reach (and cash in your pocket).
  6. Write a blog post or create a page on your website promoting our trips: Create a post on the club’s website dedicated to the program, providing in-depth information and links to your site. Feel free to use the content from this page. Just remember to change the name to your sailing club or class association. 
  7. Share testimonials for trips: If any of your club members have been on a trip, ask them to act as ambassadors to share their positive experiences about the trips. 

Click here to download our partner marketing package. It includes flyers and other ad creatives to help you get started promoting our partnership with your club. 

Let’s make this program a success. Together, we can help fund your club and get more people out on the water. If you have any questions please reach out to our team. We are here to help!