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How to Watch The Ocean Race – The Hague to Genova

Watch the leg start live and track the crews as they race from the Netherlands to Italy

The Ocean Race, formerly known as the Volvo Ocean Race, is a world-renowned yacht competition that brings together the most seasoned and daring sailors in a thrilling adventure across the world’s most challenging oceans. It’s a unique blend of human endurance, tactical decision-making, and technology, battling nature’s often unpredictable forces. Today marks the beginning of the final leg of the race, which sees competitors race from The Hague to Genova.

But the question for many sailing enthusiasts and those intrigued by this nautical marathon is, “How can I be part of this fantastic event? How can I keep up with the race and support my favourite teams?” Here’s how you can immerse yourself in the thrill of the race from the comfort of your own home.

Live Start Coverage

LINEAR TELEVISION: In most of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many parts of Asia, the race starts for both the IMOCA and VO65 fleets will be available live on the main Eurosport or discovery+ channel in that territory (check local listings in your territory). This programming starts at 13:00 CEST for VO65s (Eurosport 2) and 17:30 CEST for the IMOCAs (Eurosport 1).

DIGITAL: In most of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many parts of Asia, The Hague leg starts for both the IMOCA and VO65 fleets will be available live or on demand on the Eurosport App or discovery+ player.

Coverage is available live or on demand in the USA and other non-Eurosport territories on The Ocean Race YouTube channel.

The Ocean Race Tracker