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Top presents for adventurous sailors in 2021

Buying gifts for an adventurous sailor who has everything isn’t easy, but we have some ideas…

We know here at Kraken that finding cool, unique and personal presents can be challenging, especially when the people you are buying for love doing extraordinary and amazing adventures.

We have some gift-giving inspiration for you right here. Whether you’re buying for a new sailor, an eco-warrior, or an outdoor adventure lover we have something for everyone. So here we have it, Kraken Travel’s ultimate guide to buying a present for your adventure sailing loved one.

Savvy Navvy Subscription

Technology hardware has been at the heart of sailing for quite some time now. However, software has tended to lag behind when it comes to sailing innovation – until now. Savvy Navvy is an intuitive chart plotting and routing software package that runs off any mobile, tablet or computer. Input your vessel details, click where you want to start, and where you want to finish and let Savvy Navvy do all the hard work for you.

And the best bit, Kraken readers get 20% with the button below!

Shop: Savvy Navvy

We Drifters Anti-insect Nightwear

Whether you’re sailing in the Tropics or in Scotland, insects can literally be a pain in the arse! But there’s a great solution. We Drifters are the creators of light, comfortable and insect repelling nightwear. Proven not only by themselves but also the team here at Kraken, their sets of pyjamas make sure you have an insect bite-free night – and they’re not too bad to keep you cosy on night watch either.

Shop: We Drifters

TeamO Lifejacket

Where Savvy Navvy are leading the charge in software, TeamO are leading it in lifejacket innovation. Started by sibling duo, Oscar and Lauren, TeamO set out to increase the safety performance of lifejackets. It started with their BackTow Lifejacket harness, which ensures that if you were to fall overboard whilst clipped on, your safety harness would pull you from your back, keeping your face away from the surging sea. These British made lifejackets are really the Royles Royce of sailing safety gear – if they’re good enough for Royals, they’re good enough for us!

Shop: TeamO Marine

VALLON Sunglasses

Looking cool on the water is one thing, but keeping your eye in good nick is more important. Luckily sunglasses maker VALLON seamlessly mix both criteria. Their stylish designs hark back to decades gone by and are favoured by the likes of Vendee Globe sailor Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia. Grab a pair (or two) to keep your eyes safe and your street cred topped up.

Shop: VALLON Sunglasses

Sondr T-shirts

Every sailor loves a t-shirt. But every sailor also hates a cliché – we’ve all received a “boating” birthday card from a great-Aunt where the sail trim simply doesn’t make sense, or a pirate mug from a colleague, as all sailors must love pirates. Right?! These nautical t-shirts from Sondr are designed with a true sailor in mind. All of their products are made with certified organic fabrics and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory – and a guarantee that you won’t drop a sailing clanger in the club bar!

Shop: Sondr store

Leatherman Wave+

It wouldn’t be right to have a sailor’s present list without featuring a multi-tool. Are you even a sailor if you don’t have some form of tool strapped to your belt at all times? Leatherman are best in class, and their Wave+ has everything a sailor could need when caught short without a tool box.

Shop: Leatherman

Salkan Bag

Developed by two skiing and sailing seasonaires, Salkan’s bags are designed with both practicality and sustainability in mind. Their Backpacker comes in two parts – a main 45ltr rucksack with a detachable 20ltr backpack, making it a great bag for sailors wanting a lot of storage as well as a smaller bag to run ashore.

Shop: Salkan

Kraken Gift Card

And finally… the ultimate gift for any adventure lover is an adventure itself. Our gift cards come in multiple denominations and are an ideal gift for that loved one who “has everything”. With hundreds of adventures to choose from – and a 2yr expiry date –  the recipient will be spoilt for choice.

Shop: Kraken Gift Cards