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Unusual Places to Sail in 2022

We all have our favourite places to sail, but with 71% of the world being water, it’d be a shame to not break away from our comfort zone and explore somewhere a bit different.

Whether you enjoy a bareboat charter with family or prefer to go it alone on a solo-sailing adventure, it’s always a good idea to try sailing somewhere a little bit different. So here we have our top places to sail in 2022.

When you think of the Caribbean, Belize may not be the first place that springs to mind, but this small Central American country has a lot to offer sailors. Not only is it home to the world’s 2nd largest Coral Reef system, spanning over 190miles, but also there are no fast-food chains ashore. That’s right. No sausage McMuffins for Breakfast, or a Starbucks Frappuccino to cool you down in the midday heat! Instead, visitors can find delicious local and fresh food.

When are the best sailing conditions in Belize?

With its subtropical location, Belize’s average temperature is 27°C. On the coast, winter storms can bring temperatures down into the lower 20s, but they soon pass. Trade winds keep a consistent 15-20kt breeze running throughout the year. Between November and January, the winds prevail from the NE, then in February to April, expect the breeze to tick around more to the East, and then come the summer, winds will firmly be from the SE.

Like with the rest of the Caribbean, dry season is between December and May, and watch out as hurricanes can dip this deep into the Caribbean and are most like to strike in August and September.

Charter in Belize

Located in the South Pacific, this French Territory is a haven for sailors and divers alike. Entirely surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon, the marine biodiversity found here is exceptional. The waters are home to green, hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback turtles, and on land, there are tropical birds and rare crabs.

When are the best sailing conditions in New Caledonia?

With it being another subtropical location, New Caledonia’s temperature’s bottom out at 21°C in the winter and reach 32°C in the Summer. The trade winds blow consistently from the SE with an average of 15 to 18kts in the winter (June to Sept) and then increasing to 18 to 22kts in the Summer (Oct to May). During the summer months, there is frequent tropical rain showers, with February being both the warmest and wettest month. Winter is the dry season, with August being the coolest and driest month.

Charter in New Caledonia

This small piece of the Mediterranean may have only been a country in its own right since 2006, but it really packs a punch when it comes to the wow factor. Despite its youthfulness, the country is steeped in history. Head through the Norwegian-esque fjords to Kotor, and explore this stunning UNESCO awarded fortified medieval town. Heading back to the water, there are 117 beaches spread across the 182 miles of coastline, which means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to anchoring!

When are the best sailing conditions in Montenegro?

The Montenegrin coast has a typical North Mediterranean climate, with a sailing season beginning in May and ending in October. During the season, the temperature averages at a pleasant 27 °C. The prevailing winds are dominated by the Maestral (NW)  and the Jugo (SE). In the warmer months, a Bora can occur with strong winds suddenly building from the NE, so do take local weather advice and avoid anchoring in bays exposed to the NE.

Charter in Montenegro

Ah… the land of IKEA, ABBA, Volvo and meatballs! But there is so much more to this vast country. For us sailors, most notably there’s Stockholms skärgård – an archipelago with over 24,000 islands. Located in the Baltic sea it’s a popular holiday getaway with Swedes. Local sailors also like to take advantage of Allemansrätt (or “everyman’s right”), a law that gives anyone the right to go ashore or anchor on any ground not in the direct vicinity of buildings. When you have 24,000 islands to choose from, there’s plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.

When are the best sailing conditions in Sweden?

With (almost) no tides, in the Baltic and a warming influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate in Sweden is very pleasant. The sailing season runs between June and September when temperatures cooly sit between 12 and 25°C. In the Summer, winds are dominated by Atlantic systems which means there is a 1 in 4 chance of the breeze exceeding 22kts. However the forecasting apps are very accurate, so you can rely on their intelligence. Winters in Sweden are extremely cold. Although some locals do sail “off-season” it’s a very different experience. Ensure that you have the right specialist gear to cope with the cold conditions.

Charter in Sweden


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