The first Swan sailing yacht ever produced by Sparkman and Stephens was the Swan 36, a fin-keeled, fibreglass constructed masthead sloop first manufactured in 1967. It was designed to serve recreationally but also compete in the One Ton Cup(a sailing competition created in 1899 by the Cercle de la voile de Paris).

Production continued until 1971, with a total of 90 Swan 36 boats being built. In addition to the fibreglass used for the hull, a significant number of innovations were included in this luxury design. The result was a perfect balance of style and structure, a vessel whose behaviour and safety equalled that of the traditional wooden ones, but could provide greater steering stability with less weight and better living space.


Sparkman and Stephens were the designers of approximately the first thousand Swan yachts sold. These included the memorable and iconic Swan 38 and Swan 47 which, together with the other models, have positioned Swan as synonymous with performance coupled with quality and elegance, enduring reliability, and timeless lines.

During the mid to late 1970s, the USA-based company gave over the reigns to Nautor. Nautor’s Swan entered a new era with the appointment of Argentinian Germán Frers as a designer. Over 900 yachts have been produced so far.

Additional architects have collaborated with Frers in terms of styling as the hull designs have continued to follow modern trends. However, the brand has moved away from its production cruiser/racer background into luxury high-end larger cruising yachts.

Today the Swan is still known for its unmatched elegance, a yacht for the serious sailor with an eye for excellent craftsmanship.

Experience a Sparkman and Stephens designed Swan in all its glory: