Are sailing holidays eco-friendly?

Sailing holidays are by definition low impact; we aim to be under sail as much as possible and limit engine use to manoeuvring in port or when the winds are against us. Food tends to be simple and wholesome communal cooking and we minimise the use of water and other energy. In most cases, your travel to the boat will have a bigger impact than the sailing trip itself.

What is the contribution to the environmental impact fund?

Even a low-impact sailing holiday causes some environmental impacts, from the fuel we use when we need to run the engines or generator, to cooking food, using water and or using taxis for excursions. And of course, your travel to the port also has an impact, especially if it involves flying.

We’ve calculated the impact a typical Kraken adventure has on the environment (including your travel to/from the port) using a standard carbon accounting approach. This involves identifying the different aspects of an adventure holiday and then applying greenhouse gas emissions factors to determine the overall impact, in terms of tonnes of emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent.

We will then invest in offsetting projects from trusted organisations that deliver positive environmental and social outcomes, such as supporting forest protection and tree planting and improving access to clean drinking water through the use of energy-efficient cookstoves in the developing world or tree-planting schemes.

Supporting these projects is totally optional.