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Skippered Charter 101

By our travel expert Laura

Skippered Charter 101

By our travel expert Laura

Ever seen people relaxing on a yacht and wished it could be you? Here’s what you need to know about skippered charters.

Are you looking to sit back and relax for your sailing holiday, but you’re a bit unsure on how to go about doing that? Consider a skippered yacht charter, and set sail on your most relaxing and fulfilling trip yet. To prepare for your next voyage, here are some things you may not have known about a skippered yacht charter.

What is a skippered charter you ask? Essentially, instead of having to sail the boat yourself, you hire a boat and a skipper to captain it for you. This kind of charter has endless benefits, and is the perfect way to enjoy your next holiday, the best part being that you are allowed to sit back and relax. This allows you to take in the sights and sounds without the stress of keeping afloat. If you’re an avid sailor in need of a break, or don’t have any sailing experience, this is a great option!

Your skipper will be a qualified sailor who has expertise in the local cruising area, as well as knowing the boat, and will be there to teach you about the sailing basics if you desire. Get in contact with your skipper the week before your charter and be ready to meet them when you arrive at the boat. It can be daunting putting so much trust in them, but they are now part of the family for the next week. Keep in mind they are a part of your charter family, so be sure you factor them into the planning of cabins and provisions.

Visit all the locations you’ve been dreaming about that you can’t seem to find on any charter itinerary you’ve researched. Sit down with your skipper and curate your own itinerary, perhaps guided by their intimate knowledge of the area, and enjoy the freedom of choice. Stop off at a beach bar because it looks cool, or spend the day wandering a historical village, just because you can! Remember to take into account the changing weather, as well as wind directions, as this can alter your plans. Go with the wind, it’s all part of the sailing experience. Enjoy the freedom!

Have the sailing holiday of your dreams by chartering a skippered boat, and allow the wind (and your skipper) to take you wherever you want! Enquire more about skippered charters and chat with our charter specialists, or take a look at some of our top destinations for inspiration!

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