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24th November 2024 to 15th December 2024

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2024 (ARC) – A Selection of Yachts

Book your berth on one of a selection of yachts for a transatlantic yacht race between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.
Race Type
Race Start Date
24 November 2024
Start location
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
2,700 miles
Yacht Types Available
Volvo 70, Beneteau First Corby 45 “Incisor”, Beneteau First 47.7 “Kali”, Oyster 56, Swan 51

Check crossing the Atlantic Ocean off of your bucket list by joining our crew on the ARC.  The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers follows a route of approximately 2700 nautical miles from the Canary Islands to St.Lucia in the Caribbean in a journey of true adventure that few people do in their lifetime!

This epic rally takes advantage of the trade winds, making for a faster and more enjoyable crossing for cruising yachts. As a formal rally, boats can take advantage of a structured framework for making a transatlantic crossing, including safety checks, routing advice, and daily communication schedules.

Book your berth and discover why many sailors value the chance to experience life at sea for an extended period. Highlights will include not only the sailing but also the wildlife and raw nature encountered at sea. Often dolphins will accompany the yacht and shooting stars will guide your passage. 

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 

In November, around 250 yachts will set sail from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria to participate in the world-renowned ARC. This is the biggest trans-ocean sailing event in the world. It is a rally that is more about the experience but there is also a racing division. 

The ARC takes sailors across 2,700 miles of the Atlantic Ocean on the trade wind route intended to give optimum exciting downwind sailing. It is one of the most civilised yet exciting ways of crossing the Atlantic Ocean, which is an aspiration of most sailors. 

Leaving the winter weather behind them in the UK to sail non-stop to the tropics, is sure to be a very memorable moment in your life!

Join the Crew

An Atlantic crossing is a tangible way to put one’s abilities to the test and accomplish something truly noteworthy. For first-timers, the ARC will definitely be the challenge of a lifetime and nothing beats the sense of achievement of arriving at your destination after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 

However, even for seasoned ocean warriors, something is amazing about being propelled across such a vast stretch of water by harnessing the power of nature. Offshore yacht racing is also about experiencing the powerful beauty of nature, whether it be a serene sunset or a wild gale whipping the tops of towering waves.


Our Yachts

Are you looking for an ARC entry that will be in 'race mode' above and below decks?   Book your berth on 'Incisor', a Corby 45, for a transatlantic yacht race between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. Her full sail wardrobe will be utilised 24/7, as conditions allow, with this competitive and experienced team.
Are you a fluent German speaker? Book your berth on a First 47.7 ‘Kali’ for a transatlantic yacht race between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean with this all-German-speaking ARC entry
The annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the ARC, is a true blue water adventure that takes sailors from the start in Gran Canaria to St Lucia in the Caribbean. 
Book your berth and aim for line honours on this Volvo 70. Fast downwind, this legend Volvo 70 is ideally suited for the transatlantic yacht race between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.