The World’s Best Beaches


Having explored most corners of the world, our team have seen their fair share of stunning beaches. After much discussion and debate, we’ve managed to curate a definitive list of our favourite beaches to drop the hook.

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Chatham Bay, Union Island

A firm favourite of yachties who regularly cruise the area, this thin crescent of white sand is backed by steep hills covered in dense forest – making getting to the beach by road almost impossible. Snorkelling the sandy shores, you’ll come across pockets of reef and colourful fish. Ashore, a couple of local bars and simple restaurants keep thirst quenched and hunger at bay.
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Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight

Hidden underneath the chalky cliffs on the Isle of Wight, Freshwater Bay. Smugglers once used the caves around the bottom of the chalk cliffs to stash their goods. Today, the same caves are a haven for intrepid explorers on kayaks and paddleboards. Sitting on the sands, you have a view of moored yachts and then the clear horizon of the English channel.
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Pink Beach, Lombok

Pink sand beaches are a phenomenon usually caused by dead tiny single-celled red organisms mixing with bits of coral and crushed shell. This mixture creates a pink glow to the sand. We’ve witnessed this in Barbuda and Bahamas, but neither compared to the vibrance of Lombok. Time your visit to coincide with high-tide and you’ll experience the brightest shade of pink – however, you just might have to dodge the selfie-taking backpackers!
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Hauklandstranda, Lofoten

During the summer, the bright white sand radiates in the never-ending summer days, yet during the winter, the perfectly clear waters mirror the Northern lights. A true arctic dream. To top things all off, the Atlantic swell can create idyllic surfing conditions – but take a good wet suit as water temperatures never go above 15c.
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S’Espalmador, Formentera

Located a couple of miles to the SE of Ibiza, Formentera is a natural haven famous for its never-ending beaches and turquoise water. In peak season, the beaches near La Savina can resemble a “superyacht car park” as yacht crew jostle to anchor as close to the most popular bar for the season. To get away from it all, head towards the private S’Espalmador and you can swim in peace.
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Kuanidup, San Blas

If you were to ask a child to draw a tropical island, it’d probably look something like Kuanidup. Small, a scattering of palm trees and rustic beach huts. What else do you need? Made famous by the French singer and sailor Antoine in his book “The most beautiful islands of the world”, the island and its beach is a must-visit for anyone passing through the area.
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West Beach, Isle of Berneray

Frequently listed as one of Europe’s best beaches, West Beach on the Isle of Berneray is according to Lonely Planet a “ravishing three-mile expanse of white sand, sliding gently into a turquoise sea”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Often deserted apart from seabirds, porpoises and otters, it’s one of our favourite beaches in the UK to anchor off for that true feeling of isolation.

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